Jeff Usner

From humble beginnings, years of struggles, consistent battles to overcome, both personally and in business - I am blessed to be able to share my story of restoration, Success & Growth

Since I can remember, I’ve been focused on creating businesses; from selling lemonade, baseball cards, mowing yards – whatever it took as a child – to acquiring my first company in 2017, to selling three companies in 2021 to NASDAQ company for multiple 8 figures. I’ve been involved in every aspect in between, with constant focus on the product, marketing, people and systems to power the growth in various companies we own currently or have sold in the past.
I’ve been blessed to appear on ABC’s Secret Millionaire and various media over the course of my business career. I’ve been able to write a book – and another in the making – along with growing/scaling many different companies in different industries.

All while growing my family, being married close to 20 years and 5 beautiful children, and staying focused on my walk with Jesus Christ – as a king and a priest per Revelation 1:6.

I now focus on helping others grow their companies through investment, time and wisdom as well as growing our cattle business, real estate business & digital businesses, in addition,  I also Pastor a church we started in 2021, and invest time in prayer for the body of Christ and constant seeking of truth in the Word of God led by the Holy Spirit per 1 Corinthians 2:10 and Luke 24:45.

Here to Serve & Scale

Jeff is focused on helping you grow your business to the next level - without sacrificing your marriage, kids and faith.

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Interested in working with Jeff?  Jeff works with a few select companies per year to help scale their current business to new levels.  And, invests in select businesses given there is a good fit/opportunity.

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