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Internet Millionaire Jeff Usner Shares How You Can Work Less, Make More, and Have More Free Time
Thanks for joining me in today’s video. Today’s video, we’re going to cover an important topic. Actually, I’m going to answer a question that I get a lot, and that is, “Jeff, how do you balance your life? How do you get so much done? You’ve got several companies, you’re married. You’ve got a huge family, right?” If you’ve seen me in an airport, they’re all over the place. “You’ve got all these going on in your life. You’re active with a lot of different things. You’re volunteering. You’re doing this and this and that and that. You have a busy life. How do you do it?”

Well, today’s video, I’m going to answer that question. And the answer is it’s all about focus. It’s about learning the exact activities to do which give you the biggest results.

So, a few years ago, when I had actually had come out of my stroke and decided to cut my staff and cut my hours about 50% and saw my productivity go up by hundreds of percent. There was a few key things I did. It goes back to the story I heard.

There was a gentleman called Ivy Lee who was hired by Charles Schwab of Bethlehem Steel. This was back in the early 1900’s. Charles Schwab brought Ivy Lee in and said, “Hey! Meet with my executive team. We want to increase our productivity. We want become more profitable. What can you help us with?” Well, Ivy Lee gave them one idea and that idea I’m going to share with you today on this video. And Ivy Lee said, “Look, send me a check for whatever you think this is worth.” Well, a few months later, Ivy Lee got a check for $25,000. That’s a lot of money today, but a hundred years ago, that was a whole lot of money, right?

So, after this video, I’m not expecting any checks from you. Just listen to this advice and take advantage of it and use it. You’re going to see huge results.

Here’s what he taught him. It was a simple thing. He said, “Take your executive team. And before, they leave the office each and every day, have them outline the top six things that they need to do for tomorrow.”

So, you take a piece of paper and I’m a pretty simple guy. I just got lectured by my COO, Phil, to stop using so much paper. But, I still use paper. I like paper. I’m simple. So, you take a piece of paper. You write out your top six for the day, okay. And then, what you do when you come in the next day is you focus on, which number do you think? Number 1. You don’t go onto number 2 until number 1 is done. Once you do number 1, you get to do something fun. It’s called ‘cross it off the list’. After you finish number 1, cross off number 1. You go to number 2. Don’t skip to 4, 5. Don’t go check your e-mail, unless it’s on your list. Don’t go respond to text messages. Don’t go check your Facebook.

These are things most people do when they start their day. They get started on e-mail. They get started on text. They get started on Facebook. And it gets your day started in a very distracted mode. So, with myself and what I teach my team is we gotta start with a top-six list. Actually, our team does top 3 each and every night before they leave. Everybody, Matt did you start this shit? You were gonna start today ‘cause you’re watching this video live! We’re gonna teach Matt this. So, yeah. Top 3 list. See, I’m just lecturing. I have to do this myself too. So…

But you’re going to have to do this every day. So, before you move on to the next item, make sure you cross of the first one. 

Here’s what happens. There’s a principle called the Pareto Principle. It’s the 80:20 rule. Maybe you’ve heard this that 80% of your results come from 20% of your activities. So, you can just focus on doing a little bit of activity here and get this huge result, or you can focus on all these activities which yield squat, right? So, where people spend their day is in the 80% of activities that yield no result. So, what you wanna do is focus on those top 6 activities.

So, what are the most productive things you could be doing in your day? Start at number 1. Again, do before you go to bed at night, do before you leave the office, do it first thing in the morning. Whatever it is, I like doing it before the day starts. So, do it the night before so when you come in, you don’t have to think about what’s the most important thing to do today. Just take action on what you already told yourself is the most important thing to do. If you just do that, you’ll be a much more productive person.

Here’s a key. You don’t have to get all six done. There’s many days where I’ll just get number 1 done or I don’t even get to number 1 because it’s a bigger project. But, all my time and focus is on that one priority. But what happens is overtime, you get much more productive and it’ll make a huge difference in anything that you’re involved in.

Use this strategy. Create much more success in your life, in any area of your life. Just make out your top 6 list before you go to bed, before you leave the office and you’ll see your business go to a new level. I’ll see you in the next video.