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Volunteer San Antonio, TX And Give Back Like Jeff Usner Secret Millionaire
Hi, thanks for watching this video. This is Jeff Usner. I just wanted to take some time in this video to talk about Habitat For Safe Seniors. 

So, one of the organizations I volunteered for on ABC’s Secret Millionaire. And Rhonda, who you saw on the TV show along with the wonderful, whole team of volunteers that she has there that are helping to feed the elderly, helping to build up ramps that the person takes a fall cost like she shared on the show up to $190,000 for one fall, which is crazy. Not to mention the health implications of an elderly person taking a fall. But, a great organization, our team here in my offices have gone back and served there and fed there to, you know, fill up the cars, just like you saw on the show.

If you live in the Canyon Lake or the San Antonio area, I’d encourage you. Go volunteer. Rhonda always needs volunteers big time because they’re feeding a lot of people. You saw the line of cars. And if they don’t have enough food, you know, if- that’s a sad thing too. If you can, give financially. If you can, give off your time. You can give groceries. Whatever it is, I’d highly encourage you to plug into what she’s doing. It’s And, it’s just an amazing organization.

Just one story I’m gonna share real quick was Grandma Mim. So, you may have seen her on the show. There’s one thing she said which really hit me. She’s like, “I can’t walk anymore. I can’t lift up groceries. But as long as I have that car, if you could throw in the back, I could deliver on the people who need the food.” And it made me think of all the excuses maybe I would have in my life or maybe you might have some about why you can’t volunteer, about why you can’t make a difference. And yet, here’s Grandma Mims, 80+ years old. Although she didn’t look, she looked maybe her 60’s, beautiful woman, here she is out there volunteering, making a difference, doing what she can with what she has.

And that’s where most of us- we think we need more. We think we need to have- be in this situation or this situation to make a difference. But no, that’s not true. You need to start right where you’re at right now and make a difference. So, be like Grandma Mims. Get past your excuses and go make a difference. I’d encourage you to check out Help Rhonda out. Help the whole team out. Help that community, taking care of the elderly. Like I said on the show, if that was my Grand mom out there and the difference she’s making, why wouldn’t you wanna help? And it’s amazing. The elderly and the amazing people that she’s helping, they’re just incredible people. So, check out I’ll see you in another video.