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Unlocking the Winning Offer: Once You Know This SECRET Key, it will open anything you want the very first time!
Welcome to today’s video. You might be wondering why I’m standing in front of a safe. Well, a little back drop on this, a little story. Two years ago, I bought this office building we’re standing in right now. Our office is a few floors up, and one of the cool things about buying this office building was this old safe. In fact, the only other real bidder against me – there were other bidders in the auction when this was sold – was somebody who wanted to buy this safe and use it somewhere. He actually came back and offered to buy it from me later. I didn’t want to sell if, and the main reason was I wanted to use it in videos. It’s just a cool thing! That, and I was sharing just a second ago, that when I bought this building I’m always thinking ahead. This video is about creating a winning offer, or funnel, whatever you want to say. Creating a winning offer or funnel for your business. And what it takes to have that actually happen. That’s the gist of this video; what this video’s about. A little backstory though: when I started building my business I would see different people having successful businesses. I would buy all types of training courses, and manuals. Online courses, offline courses, I went to college for four years and got a degree. I guess you could count that and say I was trying to undo the combination to the lock. All trying to find a way to be successful in my life. So specifically, in my business I looked at a lot of things. In my marriage. . . when I got married, I didn’t have a good blueprint or a combination to follow after I got married. My parents were divorced. As far as raising kids, I didn’t have the best blue print. I had loving parents, but not exactly what I would have wanted for my kids growing up. So, I had to go learn some different combinations so I could have a different result in my life. And that’s where this safe comes in. This safe will open up if you know the combination. It’ll open up for you. I’m leaning on it right now because it’s actually going this way right now. We have it so it doesn’t lock and nobody would get stuck in here. Because who knows, my wife might throw me in here every once and a while! I’m just joking. But this safe has a specific combination that if you were to use it and know how to open it, you could open it! Even if it was the first time you were here, within probably 20-30 minutes I could teach you how to open this safe. The same thing goes in business, in marriage, in relationships and really all your life. There are specific actions, there’s specific roadmap that’s already laid out that you just have to plug into and follow. So, for me with an online business, and how if you’ve heard of our course and a lot of our marketing is around a course called “Reverse Online Profits.” Where it came from is one day I was literally at my desk and I was frustrated, I had lost so much money. I had a stroke recently; I almost died and I was in prayer. I was like “God, I don’t know what I’m doing! Because nothing I’m doing is working. I’m frustrated!” At this point in my life I had made a lot of money, lost a lot of money. I was on the down end of losing a lot of money. Just frustrated. And I remember it wasn’t an audible voice, but I heard something inside say to me “Do you want me to show you how you do this?” And in that next instant I wrote down a five-step system on how to run an online business. And I’ve used that system to generate millions and millions, and tens-of-millions of revenue online since that happened. And it made me think of this safe. Because literally, I figured out a way which was a lot simpler than I thought it was going to be. Because when you look at this safe you might think, “Man, that’s complex!” And if I were to open it and you were to see the inside of the safe you’d think “Man, there’s a lot to this, and I don’t know if I could ever open it.” But if I taught you how to do it you could. So, same goes in your business, in my business. When I learned a specific system, and I found a winning quote-in-quote offer that’s when my life really started to change. But how did I do that? I’m not going to go into all that in this training, but I found an offer. I found somebody doing what I wanted to be doing in business. Which is what I teach, which is find someone doing what you already want to do and simply look at what they’re doing that’s working. Make sure they’re successful. I teach the “Green Light System” in “Reverse Online Profits” with online marketing you can tell if there’s consistent traffic, if they’re buying traffic in different areas. But there’s ways to tell if something’s been successful. If you’ve seen somebody running Facebook ads to you over the last six months to a year, guess what? It’s probably working, right? And you would probably see that ad. If you have interests in gardening, or home-businesses, or building an online internet business, or on marriage. Whatever it might be you get retargeted for all types of things you’re interested in. In fact, Facebook makes a lot of money giving you advertisements that are representative of who you are. So, you’ve got to find an offer that works. After that, you’re just going to have to learn the combination of what they’re doing to make it work. And this is what we teach you in our training, and in our monthly membership area. I’ll go in to depth in a lot of this stuff. If you’re part of our community there you already know that. But we show you how to look at businesses, and how to figure out “What are they doing? How did they come up with the marketing concept? The landing page. Where do they buy their traffic from?” – Which is the secret sauce in a lot of cases. Without knowing where the traffic comes from you can have a great offer, but you’re never going to do anything with it because you don’t have anyone coming to your offer. We look at what’s the best way to email people. What’s the best way to communicate via text, or voice. Follow-up. A lot that goes into creating a winning business. How are your competitors talking to your clients, or perspective clients right now? So, you want to learn – find the offer, kind of reverse engineer the lock of that. And that’s what we teach and train on. And the third thing is just simply take action. Because I could teach you the combination; I could teach you everything to do here in your marriage, in your business, in your life. But if you don’t do anything with it, the safe stays closed. I can’t access what’s on the other side of this. And there’s a lot of reasons why I don’t do that, but that’s not what this video is about. But all I have to do is take action. Maybe I’m afraid. . . what if I do this and it doesn’t work? What if I start this and it jams up? Who cares, right? That’s how we work in life. You’ve just got to get in, get the right combination, and it can be as simple as this. . . This door, by the way, weights 3,000 pounds or 6,000 pounds. Somewhere in that range. But the safe opens. And when you learn this life opens for you. Freedom happens. Freedom happens in your business. Freedom happens in your marriage. Freedom happens with your kids. When you find the right things to do, take actions on them, that’s when freedom happens. The safe is open, and you can now enter in to the reward you just earned for taking action. So, I just want to encourage you today to take a look around you in your life. Look at what you want more of in your life. Follow these three steps I just told you. Plug into our other training and simply take action, and start creating the life that you want to create for yourself, and your family, and the generations that will come after. Thanks a lot for watching, I’ll see you on the next video!