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The Speed Trap: Go As Fast As You Want Here! No COP Will Ever Pull You Over!
Welcome to today’s video. Today I want to talk about a concept called “The Speed Trap.” And I want to give you an idea of what this means; it’s a trap we all fall into. If we’re honestly in business, in marriage, with kids, with life in general. Fitness. It’s the whole deal. And it’s called “The Speed Trap” because we lack speed. We lack implementation of ideas. We come up with great ideas maybe for our company. Maybe here’s a great idea that could help my marriage, or my kids. But we lack execution. It’s called “The Speed Trap.” And the reason we do, and this is talking from personal experience, would be is because sometimes we are good with just coming up with ideas. But ideas that aren’t put into action are worth nothing. So if you have an idea in your business you need to get it into action. I know I learned this a long time ago. It actually hurt a lot for me, one of my experiences. There have been many. Where I was building a software company and I had this idea that was on my desk. And I believe it was there for at least 12-14 months, in that range. An idea that really probably wouldn’t take more than a week of really focused effort. This is a business idea, concept, that was there. It sat there and it sat there and it sat there. Meanwhile, I toiled around with these other ideas in a business I was trying to get going. And those ideas, a lot of it was just ideas. It wasn’t implementation necessarily. But there was this one idea that was sitting on my desk. There are many of you right now watching this that have an idea right in front of you already. Maybe you’re already doing your idea, I don’t know. But it was an idea that sat there, and there wasn’t an urgency to take action on it. That changed. Circumstances in my life changed. If you’ve heard my story I had a stroke, almost died. Lost my son. Went through some pretty hard financial times. One day I walked in to Phil, who’s our. . . still. . . wow, he’s been with me for over ten years. He’s been a huge blessing. And basically said “I’m out.” And I finally took action. I wasn’t literally out 100%, but with that company I kind of changed and shifted focus. And I started taking action into this idea, and started to put momentum into this idea. And what happened is that idea became a multi-multi-multi-million dollar idea within 12-18 months. Revolutionized my life, financially. Took me from deep debt to major prosperity in my life. The key is to get ideas into action. Even earlier today, I had a meeting with someone on my team and we were going through some ideas. A whole long list of them, but really it’s like which is the one we can take action on today? Which one is going to get us the result? And that’s what made the difference – one of the big differences in my life. Even in my marriage; with my kids. Learning something with my wife. Maybe some of you have heard “I need to do a weekly date night with my wife.” Well, are you doing it? What’s your speed of implementation? If you heard it today and you still aren’t doing it when’s your date this week? If it’s with your kids, you need to. . . you have a goal to read them a book every day. Or you want to be involved with their homework, or you want to pray with them every day, or you want to just take time to hear their heart every day. Again, great ideas, and great ways to create value in their lives, and yours. But what are you doing about it? You need to take an idea into action. Behind me, here on the wall, I have a picture of an orphanage we’ve done a lot of work with over the last nine years or so. And I think of an action that started this. Where the man who runs the orphanage and his staff didn’t really have a choice. He started to have kids literally dropped off at the doorstep. And there was one major action in 2008 where, we were just talking about it yesterday, where 153 boys were basically without parents. And what had happened was they were martyred for their Christian beliefs. Basically, these kids watched these horrific things: their parents being raped, murdered, the worst things you could ever imagine. And here’s kids showing up on your doorstep. You don’t really have a lot of time to not take action on ideas to help these kids. There are circumstances that happen in our life that force us, force our hand, to take action on ideas that we’ve had. And he had started this, but this really forced it into action. And the great thing is that when this opportunity rose to help these 153 boys he took action and provision came. And that’s what I see holds us up a lot in this “Speed Trap” is fear of what might happen on the other side of taking action. Will there be enough money to implement this idea? Will I be able to do “x, y, and z?” What impact is this going to have on “this?” Whatever your fear might be, usually it’s fear based why we don’t take action. Or we’re too busy being busy to look at what makes a difference in our lives. I just wanted to encourage you today to not get caught in “The Speed Trap.” Focus on things that are in your life right now that you know you could do even after watching this video that you should do that can make a difference in areas of your life. And look at how can you get them into place. So that would be the first question I’d ask you to ponder today. The second would be “what are things in your life that you need to cut out ot free up space just like the orphanage?“ Well guess what, you got to take care of 153 more kids you have to give up somethings to do this. I had a business idea that was there all the time but I had to give up some things to pursue it. I’ve got to sacrifice some things in my marriage if I want to have the marriage I have. With my kids. So the first question is what are some of the things you want to implement that you haven’t? And what’s one thing – if you see this video you can comment on facebook or youtube – what’s one thing you can implement now? The second thing is what is something that you can give up that really doesn’t make a difference? Maybe it’s some internet site you’re on. Maybe it’s a friendship that really isn’t much of a friendship. It’s more of you being used and abused, I know that happens a lot. Maybe it’s some hobby that takes up your time. Maybe it’s sleeping in in the morning at sometimes, right? I know one of the concepts I had to learn earlier was getting up earlier to pray, to do things that I needed to do to get myself right for the day so I could be the person I wanted to be so I could take the action on the ideas we’re talking about. And not get caught on “The Speed Trap.” So, those are the two things to ponder on in this video. To take action on – not just ponder on. I’d encourage you in it. There’s different times in our lives we fall into “The Speed Trap,” the key is how do we get ourselves out of that “Speed Trap” and go forward. The great news is there are no police to pull you over so you could speed in this and you’ll be fine. I’d like to encourage you in this today. So thank you for watching this video. Please comment, let me know one thing that you’re going to implement in your life that’s going to make a difference right now, and one thing you’re going to give up. And I look forward to hearing your comments. Thanks a lot!