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Secret Millionaire Jeff Usner Shares The Not So Secret Strategy That Has Made Him Millions
Hey this is Jeff Usner. Thank you again for being here on this week's video. This week I want to talk about a subject that is dear to my heart and that is about giving back. In case you haven't figured it out yet, watched any of our videos, that is really what drives our company. 

I happen to be standing here in the hallway of our offices and on the walls here are actually pictures that are a constant reminder for myself and for our team of some of the reasons of why we do this. This happens to be pictures of some of the orphans that we help throughout the world and it's a constant reminder to us about what we're doing, why we're doing what we're doing, but it's amazing, if I just think back a few years ago, I was concerned about how can I put food on the table for myself.

And I know that some people have watched ABC's Secret Millionaire, they sometimes think, I'll give when I have money or I'll do this when I have money and that is an excuse that a lot of people use. I know because I have used it for myself for awhile.

But about 11 years ago, I want to share a story with you, I have met somebody and for whatever reason, whatever you want to call it, I felt like I'm supposed to give this person $300. Well that may not sound like a lot of money to you but that time I had less than $300 in my checking account so to me at that time, that was everything. I was deep in debt and I had less than $300 to my name at that point, I knew rent was due, I didn't know what I was going to do. But anyway it was a Sunday I remember and I didn't question it. I just gave the money, wrote the check, which I was like "How is this even going to be covered?" but it was a crazy thing.

The next day, I was actually out of town, I came back to where I lived, I was in Austin, Texas at that time, and the next day in the mail, I got a check 4-5 times the check I wrote. The check was about $1200, $1300, $1350 something around that range, which helped cover my rent for that month, which helped cover all my different expenses for that time in my life. So here I was with no money and I gave back at that point. Now that does not mean you have to give everything away, and I have actually done that a couple of times in my life now, but it means you have to get started somewhere.

Give back where you can whether it's financially, whether with its your time, and I think financially is a big part of it wherever you are, if you make $100 a month you give back at least $10 to somebody who's hurting, somebody who's worse off than you are, somebody who needs that help. You might think you're the current cherry case that you need the help but even if you are and somebody gives you that $10, you should take $1 at least and give it back to somebody else who's in need whether they're, there are so many areas of needs. I focus on helping people who are orphans, who are poor, who are rally struggling to get by, widows, different things like that, people in the sex trade, people who are really hurting where I can give back. There's a lot of people around you right now who're hurting who could use some help.

So what I want to challenge you to do this week in this video is to give back and let me know in comments, if you see this on my website or Facebook, how are you giving back this week? That is what I want to know. I will also give comments about different things that we're doing to give back this week. 

But I wanted to challenge you and I'm standing here in between the pictures of these different orphans that we help, that we support. And again, I'm not saying this to say, "Hey, we're great that we support these people." This obviously is our office. I don't usually shoot in the hallway. This is something very personal to my heart and it is very personal to everybody who works here to remind us about why we're doing what we're doing and my goal is to have this whole hallway full and not only that, to expand into larger offices and fill hallway after hallway of different orphans, different people around the world who we're helping through anything that we do, any of our companies that we operate in. So get a good why into why you're doing what you're doing but also give back. Set some goals about what you want to do. Maybe you want to pay the debt of somebody. Maybe you want to help a family member who's struggling. Maybe there's somebody who lost something, something tragic has happened in their lives. Look for somewhere where you can give back. Maybe it's just a meal. Maybe it's a handshake, you never know. It can be a word of encouragement. But specifically this week, financially. Where could you be giving back more? 

Don't use the excuse of "Well, you know Jeff, I'll do that when I'm a millionaire." "Jeff, I'll do that when I have money." No. You got to get past that. You got to start where you are. Start right where you are and give back where you are. I encourage you today, this week, whenever you see this video, where can you be giving back more? Who could you be helping? Once you focus on that, once you really put a lot of energy into that, you'll see your businessess grow. You'll see everything in your life starts to transform and become much better and you'll see provision come and it will amaze you how quickly it comes, just like it did for me when I wrote a check back 11 years ago for $300 for somebody and I had no idea how the check would go through but the next day, I had a check that showed up for $1300 and some change that covered that check and also covered living expenses for that time of my life. So I encourage you today and I'll see you on the next video.