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Jeff Usner Explains the Communication Keys
Okay, so I’m back from our first road block. So what I want to talk about in this video is communication with people with you on this journey. We’re just starting out here, we got a shot out here but we’re on a little bumpy road right now so I love my family soon as close my family know we’ve got a little bumpy road ahead of us but okay maybe you’re single, you don’t need to talk to many people that you’re in a relationship with but if you got a team, if you start hiring people, you start to build a team of people maybe whatever it is in it a contractors on your team whatever it is, you got to be able to communicate with them the vision and about where you’re going and what I found is really critical for those of you who are in a relationship within your family, your spouse, your significant other, your kids whatever. It is having clear communication along the way of the potential bumps that we’re going to run into that like when I first started in affiliate marketing, there were sacrifices and I had to communicate with my wife you know and our time to be together, our kids and so we ran into some trying to communicate that as much as possible and the road that’s ahead because I know that there’s roles in our family in some things in the end of this road and again it’s communicating on the family.

So I’ve heard of people who are you know newlyweds or they’re married and their spouse maybe not supporting them in what they’re doing or maybe they do but they get really frustrated in the challenges or whatever might be so you got to start out, you got to start out right when there’s getting started in the business and communicate upfront so in other words if you’re starting something part time or you are starting full time. These mud puddles. Clear road ahead. You got to communicate that. You don’t want your spouse to be frustrated with you when you used to spend you know every night 5 hours together a night maybe not that much whatever it is and all of a sudden you’re starting a business whatever that business is and you’re only there for only an hour or two whatever it is, you got to be really good with your time and communicate with your kids as well if you got kids so that.

As you are in this journey, by the month end working in your business. Another kind of road block ahead here huh, I can steer through here. I say go, we’re going to go. We’re making it through, voila. Alright, but on your journey communicating clearly upfront about the expectation of time that you’re going to have with your spouse, with your kids is critical. So, I know someone right now starting their own business and their spouse is a little bit frustrated that they’re not having as much time with them but I was devising on the you know just let her know I had a time we come into an agreement. It is not just to say it’s how it is but this is what we want out of our life and sometimes you got to reverse, this is what we want out of our life and here’s what I’m going to do it right, I’d have to night, I’m going to study this if you’re requiring new skills set which is what we’re going to talk about in another video.

So you know, I need three hours a night when we used to do this. I’m going to maybe stay up late or work at this and when I started with affiliate marketing I was letting my wife know that and my kids you know I tried to squeeze in as much as I can at night because I have so much stuff already going on taking most of my day but I did sacrifice some time with them during the week but we were making up on weekends then at night just specifically making sure we still have time with them.

So if you don’t do this, again this goes with your team, you got a team of people that you’re building if you don’t do it, you’re going to wind up really frustrated really quickly on the journey and they instead of being your biggest encouragers, they could become your biggest discouragers and what you’re trying to accomplish so making sure the vision’s clear on this journey as you’re on these bumpy roads and believe me if you start on doing business no matter how long you’ve been on business even now we’re going to have bumpy roads things that happen but communicating upfront is what’s going to help you through it. The worst thing that can distract you from your business is when your people that are around you starts to bail out on the agreements that you’ve made or if you don’t have agreement you start getting frustrated and they start getting becoming discouragers in your business. So you got to have that work together so we’ll just pause until I get down this road.