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Testing Your Creatives
In this video, I want to talk about testing specifically testing creatives that is your initial ad whether it’s a banner, whether it’s a pay per click ad whether it’s a link on traffic advance or some CPV network whatever it is but testing the whole way through the process. So I found this when I first started generating a lot of legal leads back in 2002 and even in 2001 I believe 2002 just by testing a different headline on Google for instance, if I’m doing a pay per click marketing it can actually yield 200, 300, 400 even 500% higher click through rate because of that ad specifically when I’m talking about an ad is when you can actually incorporate if you’re doing pay per click marketing the keyword into the headline and there’s tools that I recommend in this website that’ll actually do it automatically for you so the result says I’m coming to Google and I’m typing in divorce attorney or child custody attorney or we used to do whatever it is attorney in your local areas those are big things in our country.

If I saw, let’s say I’m from this is actually let’s say I typed in I’m in main pearl harbor area, I typed in pearl harbor attorney. If the ad I see on Google actually says Pearl Harbor attorney, or just some attorney or I needed legal help in pearl harbor I will be more likely in most cases type on something that has that specific word in headline and the second part of this is what I just brought up and wasn’t even planned, I’m talking about this video but this geographical location. If you could put the geographical location into the headline, you’ll see bigger increases well and you could do this with different scripts or if you’re doing pay per click and you can look it up with the keyword pearl harbor attorney and the keyword again would be pearl harbor attorney would be the headline or whatever you have then you can load it in.

If you’re doing from banner buys, if you’re doing from a CPV network, if you’re doing e-mail drops whatever it is you can actually have a script. The one that we use I think is 3G online and I’ll have links on this page about different things that we use but it’ll actually know where the person’s IP address is that they’re coming to your website and it’ll auto pop it into the page again a really simple script to put on your page not too techy but increases conversions like crazy so I would highly recommend that. So testing headlines on your ads, testing incorporating GOIP or geographical location into your ad is really the key so that’s the first part is your headline.

The second part would be within your ad or your banner or whatever your creative is again just different things like on Google for example or Yahoo or if you’re doing pay per click. Testing so you got your headline you have two different you know statements that you could have as well on Google I’m talking about you’re limit I think is about 25 characters or something but you might have the word free in there if you can at all and you might be using dot dot dot at the end of your ad I put words inside of parenthesis before taking increase actually think it’d ever run for the most part of the parenthesis somewhere in you needed headline or the body copied increase your figure in I don’t know why that is I think I look different than other people on the page so that’s another part of this as your testing is looking at what everybody else is doing and you know you can use an ad similar with you can do something to tweak a little bit.

I know for example in Google for a long, long time I was paying probably 25% of what my competitors were paying yet I have the top position and I got tons and tons of traffic the reason I know is that I’m talking my rep there. Again it had to do with my click through rates, I tested like crazy Google really liked it if you understand the Google forms less how they charge per click you can actually just figure out what your competitors are paying and know what’s yours as well. So testing headline, testing your ad copy within your ad whether it’s a banner ad or can be the ads that we rotated banner let’s say we got a click through rate point 08% or something we cycle in a different type of typographic in that banner and you could use ads to do that or if you just want a little technical but we’ve seen rates jump to point 3 and higher so almost a 3 to 1 and 4 to 1 increase in our click through rate of the banner that takes a losing campaign it makes a profitable very quickly again same thing with the Google, Yahoo or whatever it is. If you could increase that click through rate through you’re probably going to make a lot more money so that’s what I want to talk about testing in this video just testing headlines and your ads, your whatever media that you’re using whether it is html, e-mail that you’re having snl always be rotating always be testing because there’s always going to be something better than the last thing.