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What Strategy From Jeff Usner's Book Helped A Friend Clear $1,000,000 In Sales Last Month?
Hey, it's Jeff Usner and today we are going to talk about some really important marketing concepts. I just had a phone call this morning with one of my friends who launched a new business about a year ago and followed a lot of the concepts that we share in my book and in Reverse Online Profits and started a business. I'm not going to go in the specifics of the business but he started to grow the business offline. He eventually went online with it and started to see some results. But where he really seen the growth, he went from $200,000 to $300,000 a month in sales, which is, that is a lot by the way, to last month finishing his first million dollar month.

How he did it was by following some of the key principles, I'm actually on page 98 and 99 in our book here, and it goes on to page 100, 101 in that range. But he focused on creating an irresistible offer. This is key. Getting traffic is never a problem. Traffic is simply getting people to your website. I have shared this in other videos. It is never a problem to get people to your website. A lot of you may be watching and going "Well, that is my biggest problem now, Jeff." But I'm telling you it's not. You're biggest problem or challenge is that your offer is not making enough money.

In other words, you haven't learned how to increase the number of sales of people coming into your site, how to increase the revenue per visitor to your site. You haven't learned about what to sell your customer for the lifetime of that customer, for months, for years to come. And one of the key things he was talking about this morning was just tweaking his offer where he went from 100 to 110% return on investment, which was minimal, which was just breaking even to just be getting by, and now up to 300% and even more every day. 

Start to run those numbers. If you have a 300% ROI on every dollar, it means for every $1 you make $3, if you can spend $20,000 in a day, you get 60 back, it means you net about $40,000 a day or if that is in a year for you, whatever it might be. But the key to this is he worked on tweaking his offer. He worked on what was it that's working. This is the key. I talk about know thy numbers. What is it that's working in your offer? What are people responding to?
The key to do this is to use tracking. If you are just getting started, a really easy tracking platform that we use is Get Clicky, It starts to show you interaction with people in your website. You can also use something called Click Tail, where you can actually watch the screen as people are on your website. Where do their mouse go? What do they do? I know on Get Clicky they have these things called heat maps. You can see where people are actually going on your website because there is a crazy thing. Actually where your eye goes is where your mouse goes. Test this. Watch this video, don't leave the video. But watch where your mouse goes as you start to look around my website or whatever website you are watching this on right now. It goes, your mouse goes where your eye goes. It shows you where people are looking. 

Start to get that data and start to look at where people are dropping. Where do I lose people? There's a service called Wistia. We will put the links below or wherever you are watching this, if you're watching this on Facebook,, where it actually shows you as people are watching a video like this, where you lose their interest, where do they drop off, where's the most interest drop off. The great thing about that is you go back to your offer and you tweak, whether it's a website, whether it's a video presentation and you simply go back and tweak it, make a change at that point of drop off and you start to see your conversations increase. That is how you go from 100% to 300%. You literally grow your business tremendously in just a short period of time by focusing on tweaks, focusing on words that worked, focusing on video things that worked and dropping out things that don't work. 

 So that's it for today. Tweak what you're doing, create an irresistible offer, and always, always test. I just actually, it might have been the same conversation this morning. We're talking about different ways to sell the product. Should I do this or this? Well I advised him, "Look, I don't ever fall in love with a marketing concept." 

In other words, if I find something that works that's great but I want to test it against something else over and over because I know I'll eventually be able to beat the numbers that I have. And what does that mean? It means added money. The first time I learned this, my income really exploded. What it turns into is you're able to increase your conversations by 20%. That might mean an extra $100 a month, $100 a day, $100 an hour, or $100 a second, depending on where your business is at and that translates to a lot of money wherever you are. 

 So learn to tweak, create that irresistible offer, if you want some great tips check out the book, if you don't have it, it's free. I don't know why but it is free right now. I don't know how long that's going to be. Go ahead. There's probably a banner on this site. Get the book and just implement what I just told you. Go back and do the things I told you and I'll see you in the next video. Let me know, too. Before you go, before you hit stop on that button, let me know your comments on this video as well. Below the video, if you see this on Facebook, if you see this on my website, let me know what you thought about this, and if you have any ideas as far as things can help increase other people's businesses. So thank you, let your comments happen below or around here or wherever and I'll see you in the next video. Thanks.