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Internet Millionaire Jeff Usner Shares His Secret Strategy For Choosing A Niche
Hey welcome to this video. It is Jeff again. We are driving to my local bookstore. Why would we do that? Today we are looking at continuing looking at niches and what are we going to do and what we are going to build our business around.

One of the things I talk about in different videos is how do you find a market to go into, how do you find a niche. And I have suggested, I heard this actually a year ago from somebody, just go to your local bookstore, look through the magazine section and see what all the magazines are about, and look at who is advertising in the magazines and who is actually spending money to be in front of your audience.

It is the same type of thing we can do on the internet. Once we find a niche, we can go to Google, we can go to Bing, we can go on Facebook, we can create likes on Facebook so we can start to see who is advertising on different terms. Sometimes you do not even know where to start and a good place that I found to start is to brainstorm on ideas on your local bookstore so that is where we are heading so let's go.