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Jeff Usner Reveals His Biggest Secret To Researching Niches in the ProfitHub 30 Day Challenge
Today we are going to talk about I think one of the most important steps actually out of the whole 30 days and that is, now that you have started to look at the niche, we found a niche, we looked at how to find a niche, now I want you to look at the market you are getting into, let's try to identify people that are already in that market place who are already successful.
In the early days of my internet world, a success I guess or a lack of success, I spent a lot of time on ideas that I thought would work but they did not actually worked that well in the internet. What I learned is to go out and start to find people already successful doing something similar to what I want to do in whatever market I want to get into and once I find them, simply adjust, adapt to whatever they are doing into more of what I want to be doing in that offer. I was able to cut up to more than 90% of my learning curve and we are going to go through something tomorrow called the Greenlight System which will go more in-depth into that. But for today, the one action I want you to do is to simply get online and find somebody doing what you would want to do within your market place and how are we going to do that?
Have you ever heard of Bing is a search engine. It is like Google or Yahoo. You can use Google or Yahoo but I focus on Bing today and all I'm going to do is simply go there and look at the market.