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Secret Millionaire Jeff Usner Shares One Of His Best Strategies To Copywriting
Welcome to this video. I hope you enjoyed the last few videos where we have gone through some basics in copy and then we started to dive into some really important aspects of copy. What do I mean with copy? It is copywriting, the message you are delivering to your clients about whatever product, service, whatever it is that you are marketing or selling, how are you talking to your clients about that? 

 Today I want to go over three more specific things that you want to make sure you are incorporating into your copy. The first one I want to talk about is actually building up value. I actually touched on this in a previous video where I, if you remember the diagram, I drew a little dot and then I said, okay this is the value then I drew a bigger, larger scale and said this is the price. Your goal is to build value through your presentation through you are at a point where the price looks so small because your value is huge. 

 So the key to building up value is to number one, do everything I have been telling you. Make sure you are testing and tweaking and using everything we've been talking about. Make sure you have the right headlines. You're using the right bonuses. You're making your offer irresistible. You're showing credibility. You're doing all the different things that we went through already, that we've discussed, and you're incorporating that into your offer. But the other main key into building value that I found with whatever we're marketing is to focus on speed to results. 

 In other words, people who have a problem, they want an answer right now. We are in a society of fast food. We want our meals right now. We have microwave dinners. We want things right now. We don't want to wait. We want to go buy whatever it is right now. We don't care if we don't have the money, we just take out a loan. That is the society that we're in. When you are marketing to people, be aware that that is where people are coming from. So when you are building up value, one of the keys to building up value is speed to results. You want to be able to show that, hey, here is what is going to happen. Here's your problem, I've already explained the solution, this is stuff that you have already done with your copy, hopefully in your message, and you can be reiterating these things throughout your message but we are going to go into that more in the next video actually. But what I want you to focus on is what's the result that they want and show them that they can get there very quickly. 

 The other part of that is you're building up value, you can show them not only how to get there quickly but easily using the word fast, it's easy, then you have proof, which we already talked about using proof, that is going to help build some killer value so that price point is going to look very small in comparison to the value that you're building up. So make sure that you're focused on building up that value, that you're focused on speed to results, whether that's, if somebody wants to make money with a product, save money with a product, lose weight, find a mate, whatever they're looking for, whatever that is, you want to make sure that hey, like I have seen a show last weekend, it was Christian Mingle or something, it says, "Find my mate in 12 months or 11 months." They are using a result. 

 People are going into that website to find somebody to get married to and here they have, they were showing couples, again speed to results, who got married within 10 months, within 8 months, within 6 months after going to that website, BAM here they are they are smiling, they are married. Not only that actually, the one commercial showed the couple with a baby so the result that a lot of people going to that type of dating site is they want to number one, they want to get married and number two, they want a family so that is what that demographic is looking for. They showed here's the result. Here's how quickly that they got it. So that is the first point in copy that we are covering today - building up value in your presentation.