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Millionaire Training Tip- Communication
Okay, part of what happens when you start your own business or own company I don’t know hopefully the lighting’s not too horrible in here but you are not just by yourself, you got a family. Sometimes you’re single like I was when I started doing business, it was just me driving and I don’t have to worry about anybody else but other times you show the back my wife is driving but we got a whole lot of crew in here including my wife, she’s not going to like that but anyway, we kind of just set everybody’s a team together right? So we’re about to get down to this road and its pretty bumpy right?

 - "Yes sir. "
 - "Is everybody buckled in?"
 - "Yes! We have a family vacation."
 - "Are you ready to go?"
 - "We have a fun time."

So, it’s gonna take us a little bit of time to get to this place where we are going, we’re going to have a lot of fun there right? 

 - "But how much time?"
 - "I don’t know, hopefully just like fifteen minutes but on the way it could be a little bumpy. Are you guys ready?"
 - "Yes."

Alright. So, we going to set this dinner so once we’re there, what are we going to do? We’re going to have fun, we’re going to be together and have lots of fun. So, before you start on your trip in a business if you got people with you, you got to know where you’re going. We’re going to the beach by the way. They already knew that. Beach?


We’re going to build castles, lots of fun. So let them know what’s going on, is that okay honey? Alright, we got the wife’s approval and so now we’re just going to start driving and as you could tell it is a little bumpy here. We are already starting out in our journey in our business right now not going to really be able to look at the camera too much during this video cause so you’ll see in a second but oh my word a road block already. Guys, I got to get out and take care of this but I’ll be back.

I love beach day.

Will you turn the camera off? I’ll be back after doing this road block.