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Internet Marketing Expert Jeff Usner Shares A Big Tip To Learning What Actually Works In Marketing
Hey this is Jeff Usner. Thanks for watching this video. In this video, today's video, I wanted to talk to you about one concept and that is I want to challenge you to become a student of marketing. What does that mean?

It means when you are online today, you are watching this video, probably on the internet, if you watch TV, if you are listening to the radio, when you walk into a mall, when you walk into a store, I want you to become a student of marketing and then save everything. I get stuff in the mail, I take screenshot of things on the internet and I have literally piles, stacks, files of things where I have studied and I listened and I have watched what's working in marketing so that I can implement it in my business.

In most cases, it is in industries that have nothing to do with what I do and that is what I'll learn great ideas. I might look at what somebody is doing in the mortgage industry or what somebody is doing when I walk into a store, a clothing store. What do they say? How do they interact with people? What was their customer service like? How do they get me to buy more product? And I became, and I still am, a student of marketing. 

So I challenge you, whatever media you are plugged into, look at what ads are running. Look at who is talking to you, trying to communicate some marketing message and I want you to ask why. What are they doing and why did I buy? If you find yourself buying, start to think about what do they say that made me want to buy that product, that made me buy more products, that made me feel I had a great experience coming out of that, whatever, if I bought and had some type of transaction.

So become a student of marketing. That is what I want you to do in this video and really for the rest of your life. I'll see you in the next video.