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Jeff Usner Internet Millionaire Shares on Action
Today’s video, I’m actually driving home from work right now but I just wanted to share a thought I just left a video shoot and I’m trying to shoot some videos to launch a new product that we’re going to be offering and this is my third time at the video shoot and the reason was the first two, I totally messed up. I didn’t spend enough time preparing what I really wanted to communicate to you and what the product and services are really about but the key to this is not that I stink with putting in together videos or anything. I’m getting better and better but the key is that I took action on the idea and that’s where I see a lot of people fail in their businesses or anything that they’re doing is they just think too much about something when all you really have to do is what I’m doing right just driving home with a thought on my mind and pick up a camera and take some action and sharing it with you.

So you got to be able to take action, don’t worry about the results. Yes you’re going to make mistakes, I was just sharing one of the videos I just shot is that I have systems in place now in my companies where I can get ideas and get them implemented very quickly and I have worked very hard to do that. I’ll share how we do that and how we outsource and how some of it is right here in my backyard and some of it is overseas, other side of the world but the key is having systems in place and in the beginning when you’re just getting started if you’re brand new in the business that system might just be you and there is no system really you’re just learning how to get things in action but the key is you got to take action.

You’ve got to do something in your business, you got to focus on one thing in your business and just take major action on that so right now that’s what I’ve been doing and you’re going to probably have happen what just happened to me. I had to reshoot this video the third time hopefully we got it right this time but the bottom line is, we took action on it, we’re implementing it. You don’t want to run into anybody when you’re shooting this videos either. For some reason, he stopped right in the middle of the road not sure why but there we go, we’re out. So the key is, stop when you see cars stopped in front of you on the road which makes no sense.

Now the key is to take action on an idea. Get something rolling, get something into play, get something moving because if you do that you’ll differentiate yourself from 99% of the people that are around you because most people just sit there they wonder about hey what could I do they come up with ideas, lots of ideas that are going to make millions of dollars but what they never do is actually go and take action on those ideas, they never actually go and you know put them into action. When you actually put things into action, that’s when you’re able to figure out what works and what doesn’t. 

So, I encourage you today if there’s an idea that’s been on your mind or something in your business or a product or service or just something you want to do. Whether it’s just pick up an iPhone and shoot a video whatever it is take action on an idea. Stop thinking about what might work and go out and do things and figure out things that will work. That’s my thought for you today. Thanks a lot I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll see you on future video. Take care.