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Focus: Jeff Shares His Best Kept Secret to Success in Life & In Business
Welcome to this video today. Today we’re going to talk about a few things going on in my life the last few years and really how that can have an impact on you and the new business, the new brand, we’re launching around And some other brands we’re launching to help equip you in four main areas. We’re focused on helping you with your faith, with helping you in your finances, with helping you in your family, and to have more fun in your life. So a little bit of background story. I had started a training company I believe it was about five years ago, six years ago. And we had successfully launched it. We had been on tv, written a book, done a lot of things to help people in their businesses. But honestly, I kind of ran out of passion for that because it wasn’t focused on just really what my core heart and vision and focus is about. And that’s really about helping men to grow their businesses. It’s about helping men in their marriages. It’s about helping men with their kids, and helping you to get through your failures. Your struggles. The same kind of stuff I go through each and every day. That I’ve been through the last few years. The last few years I’ve gone through moving my company across the country. Almost 2,000 miles with a whole line of Penske trucks. I’ve gone through my wife being bed ridden for seven days a week in bed just sick, ill. I’ve gone through launching new businesses. I’ve gone through an employee stealing a massive amount of money and almost tanking one of my companies. I’ve been through employees leaving, I’ve been through friends backstabbing. I’ve been through just a lot of struggles in my life. But through I’ve also had a lot of blessing. I’ve also had a lot of breakthrough. I’ve also had a lot of perseverance and focus and that’s what brought us to here right now today. As I was kind of side tracked and dealing with things I learned a lot through the process. And really that’s why I’m here today to help you in your business. Help you with the experience with the things I’ve learned to where I’ve made mistakes in business. I’ve almost made a lot of good decisions in business to create a lot of wealth, but also to give a lot of wealth. How I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my marriage. And how I’ve had to learn to correct those to become a better husband to have the type of marriage that I wanted. How I made mistakes raising my kids. My oldest is now thirteen, if I can even believe that. And what I’ve been learning through the process. What I’m learning now with a teenager. What I’m learning as my kids get older, and how to instill vision and value into them so that there’s true generational impact. And how to have more fun in your life. That’s a lot of what we’re going to be focused with on So I’m excited to share more and more specifically on these things, but I wanted to encourage you, wherever you’re at right now, just to focus on moving forward. Which is what we’re doing right now. And getting things going. And persevering in your life and in your business. If you’re at a point where your marriage is struggling. Where you don’t have fulfillment maybe in your business. Maybe you are making a lot of money even where I’ve been, and just felt lost and distracted and depressed even at times. Maybe you’re having problems with your kids, or maybe life is just overwhelming, which I’ve been there, right, I know that. That is why we’re relaunching and doing what we’re doing. To help you maneuver all the different mines in the minefield as you walk through these areas in your life so that you can be set up to succeed in your life. So that you can have a successful marriage. You’re not the next story of divorce. You’re not the next story of kids who fall away. You’re not the next story of the person, the man who lost their vision and lost their hope. Proverbs 29:18 says if there is no vision the people will perish. So that’s what this video is about really, is our focus is about giving you new vision, new life, and new hope. And our desire is that God will help us do that to help you impact more in your local communities, to impact your family, and to impact your generation. I look forward to talking to you more in the next video, but thanks again for your time. Like this video, share this video, start to get the word out about what we’re doing. And I’m so happy and really honored and blessed that you’re even a part of what we’re doing here. Thank you again, have a great day!