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Internet Millionaire Jeff Usner Shares A Strategy He Learned The Hard Way
Welcome to this week’s video. This is Jeff Usner again. Thank you so much for watching this video. I’m excited to share a concept. Maybe this concept strategy this week affects, probably, you and pretty much everybody else I’ve ever worked with.

And to, I guess, highlight that, (man, do you wanna quiet that music?...) Anyway, there’s a song by Kenny Rogers called The Gambler goes something like this “You've got to know when to hold 'em,”  Okay, I’m not gonna sing (maybe you can edit that… I can talk right now. Is that possible? Okay, good). Maybe yeah or maybe not, you might actually hear me sing that and that’s horrible. But that’s okay. There’s a concept in that song. You’ve gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em and a lot of us in business, you might be like myself where we get ideas. We think that we have this concept or this idea in a business or then, we get another idea, and then, we get another idea, and then, we get another idea. The next thing you know, we got 20 ideas in front of us and we really don’t take action on anything because we’re kind of in love with everything, right? And then we finally do take some action on an idea and I’ve done this for three years, actually.

I built up a software company where I invested heavily. Most of the money I earned, actually, up to my… that point in my life which was a lot of money at that point, into growing an idea, into growing a company that I thought was gonna be this great company. Well, three years later, pretty much now, I’m in debt, I’ve had a stroke, lost a son, it’s a bad time in my life! But I still was going on this idea and I finally got to a point where I said “You know what? I don’t think this is a good idea anymore. This isn’t working.” You know, I thought it was gonna work. And it was the opportunity that actually just kinda laid that idea down and move on into another idea. The funny thing is, is actually for the 12 months or so before I was gonna say “You know what? I’m gonna move onto another idea,” I’d had an idea written down and I guess it’s funny. I don’t know. But when I finally took action on that idea, it generated millions of dollars in about 12 months and totally transformed my financial life.

But, yet that idea had been sitting there. In other words, I got stuck on one idea. I got all in on that one which when you play cards, Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler, right? I went all in on an idea which a lot of us do. And we don’t know when to hold ‘em, we don’t know when to fold ‘em because we’re so invested into that idea that we’re stuck. Well, don’t ever get yourself in that type of situation because the idea may not be a good idea. You’ve gotta let the market tell you what’s the good idea. You’ve gotta let that prove out what you think is good. If the market says it’s not a good idea? Don’t keep pursuing the idea because it just means you’re gonna lose a whole lot more money. You might wind up with a stroke, stressed out, in debt, like I was too because you’re pursuing something that didn’t work. And here’s the thing. During that whole time, I had an idea written down and it kinda like, I guess it was funny. But, I had an idea that totally transformed my life and I wasn’t acting on it because it was the next idea underneath the idea I was on right now. 

So right now, I’ve currently in my office, I’ve got a whole whiteboard full of ideas of things that we’re going after. And my concept now is different. I do a lot of research. I teach that in Reverse Online Profits on, you know, do research to find if the idea’s gonna work. And that’s what we do so that we can cut 90% of our failure rate. But also, once I’m into an idea, once we’re taking action on something, be very quick to potentially pull out of that idea and go onto another one if it’s not really working.

So, that’s the concept of today. I don’t know where you’re at, your business. There might be something you’re trying to do right now that’s not working and you keep thinking “Well, it will work, it will work, it will work.” And I’m not saying that you should just drop that idea, but, take a serious look at what you’re doing at all times. Look at what’s working, what isn’t working. And look at what’s the next idea I have on the board.

So, for me now, it’s all about getting ideas, getting them into action, see which ideas make money. But once it don’t, fold those. For the ones that do make money, we’re gonna keep holding ‘em. We’re going to double up. We’re going to triple them, increase our profits tremendously.

So, the point of this video, other than hearing me sing or the music in the background, is look at what ideas you are going after right now. And I hope it’s not ideas, it’s good to focus on one. Is that idea working right now? Is it working in your business? Is it a marketing ideas? Is it an advertising idea? Is it a business you’re involved with right now? And really look. Is this what you want to be doing? Is this really working? If not, adapt to make a change. Move on to the next idea ‘cause you never know if that next idea could be the idea that changes your life like it did for me. So, I’ll share maybe what that idea was on the next video, but, not in this video. I want to you to go take action in this yourself so go take a look at what ideas, what things you’re taking act on right now, what ideas you could be doing, and make some decisions. Some of you make some to move forward. Some of you might just stick to what you’re doing and that might be a great thing. But, make a decision on something and I’ll see you on the next video.