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Internet Millionaire Jeff Usner - Shares How You Can Make $7,000 In A Few Minutes
Welcome to this video. My name is Jeff Usner. Thank you so much for watching this video. To start this video, I just wanted to share a story. 

It was a few years ago. My wife and I were on a flight from Pittsburgh back in San Antonio, but we had a layover in Dallas. And on our approach to Dallas, there became lots of thunderstorms, a lot of activity and our flight was going to be delayed. We literally started to circle Dallas. And, I’m kind of on a budget for the most of my life. I’m very economical, I guess is a good way to say that. And there was internet on the plane but it was like 10 bucks and I didn’t wanna spend 10 bucks to just get on the internet to check my e-mail or something. So, I told myself, I actually told my wife too, “Look, I’m going to spend 10 bucks on this internet but I gotta make sure I’m able to make at least that money before we land. So, that was my own challenge to myself. Can I make 10 bucks before I land?

Might not sound hard, it might sound easy, but- So what I did is I pulled up one of my e-mail ads that I have where I was building a new list and I talked a lot about how to build a list and I’ll talk about it more in this video, but on Jeff Usner, on ProfitHub, on Reverse Online Profits, I go extensively in the list-building. But, we were, you know, circling Dallas. We’ll end up getting reroute to the Houston actually. And I typed up a really quick e-mail, grabbed an offer, in other words, somebody else’s product or service. Put it in the e-mail and clicked send. And honestly, I didn’t think much about it for probably 24 hours or so, because we were actually delayed in Dallas, wound up having to spend the night there and the next day, we actually finally arrived home and I logged into my accounting.

It was a Monday night or something just to wonder, “How much did I actually make on that e-mail I sent out?” I was like, “Did I make the 10 bucks?” I figured I’d make at least 10 bucks with it. And I logged in and it was right around $6,000 that I’d already made within about 24 hours of sending that e-mail. And that e-mail took me all about 3 to 4 minutes if that. I simply logged in to a place where I could grab somebody’s offer, put it in an e-mail and said, “Hey, you gotta check this out,” click send, and within 24 hours, I had $6,000 more in my account. I think I wound up making more than 7 grand with that offer.

So, that’s the power of building a list and building a following. And, you know, we do that consistently with our lists. Our lists are one of our main revenue generators for all of our companies. We do it with but we also- my major companies where I make all of… most of our money, yeah, we make a lot of it with lists and building lists. So, the key to building a list, though, that sounds great Jeff that you’re able to do that but you’ve got to find some type of offer, some type of thing that you can offer to a crowd, and I talked about this in Reverse Online Profits, something that they want. Then, just simply put up a simple e-mail form where they can give their name and e-mail to receive whatever it is. And, you can give people free stuff you find.

I actually have a friend who made who made about 50 grand in a month. This was back in December 2008 when he first started doing online marketing and all he was doing was giving somebody else’s- basically, like a cheat sheet to play a game which there’s a lot of people who like to play games. But in order to get the cheat sheet, you need to do some offer or something like that. So, he didn’t even have the solution to these tricks or cheat sheet for a game, a video game that somebody wanted to play. He just simply grabbed somebody else’s and he said, “Hey, go to this site and get the answer.” And for doing that, he started to build this huge list of people where he can make money with for the rest of his life if he’s still doing it. I don’t know. He could just simply click send. Send out different offers and make money every time he did it.

So, when you build list, it doesn’t have to be your product. It doesn’t have to be your service. It’s not about that. It’s about the offer. It’s about- do people want your offer and can, then, you offer a solution in that? And the solution doesn’t have to be your own.

The solution could be you could cater to people who are looking to travel to Italy and they’re looking for the top 10 hotels. And, you could never have been to Italy, You could not know about Italy. Simply throw websites and said, “Hey! Get the list of the top 10 hotels in Italy.” This was just an example. This would actually work in probably every country. This is an idea somebody could run with and build a huge list. And all you’d have to do is go to, like, Frommer’s or TripAdvisor or something and grab their top 10 lists of places they recommend. And all you do is when people submit their name and e-mail which is really easy to get up and get, capture that information. When you do that, they submit their information. You just simply send them, “Hey, here’s the link to get so-and-so’s top 10 or you built out of your own blog which you do using Fiverr. I talked about that within ProfitHub and Reverse Online Profits for less than, well not less, 5 bucks, 10 bucks, 20 bucks, You get them a website built. That would do all this for you. And, you simply just send out, “Here’s the top 10 people, top 10 hotels in Italy. Go check them out.” And you start to build a list by doing that.

You may not know anything about Italy, but you’ve offered a solution. They’ve got the top 10. They’re happy and now you have a list that’s being built.

So that’s all I’ve got to share on this video. Go out there. Start to build your list and I’ll see you on the next video.