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Internet Millionaire Jeff Usner Shares How He Made $5k Last Weekend While Christmas Shopping
Hey this is Jeff. Welcome to this week's video. In this week's video, I'm going to talk about a concept that just this Saturday in about 10 minutes made me about $5,000. My kids were getting restless, we were heading out to get a Christmas tree, do some Christmas shopping, but I'm the kind of person who you know what, I want to send an e-mail that will pay for what I'm about to spend, that when I get back from wherever I'm going, I want to check my account and see how much money I have made and see if it was enough to pay for what I just spent. In this case, I had a little challenge to myself. I told my kids we are about to leave, kids are going crazy I'm like "I need to get an e-mail up, and when we talk about building a list, I got a lot of different lists, and yes it does take time to build up lists, but even when you send a list, an e-mail to your list and you make $10, that is probably the most exciting money you'll ever make. I remember making a couple of hundreds of dollars in the first e-mail I sent but building a list and sending e-mails is one of the basic things in internet marketing that you can do and it is very, very easy to do. I want to stress that in this video.

One of my biggest points in this video, let's say my biggest point in this video, is don't overcomplicate this message. I keep on looking down, this is my green screen, well not my green screen I'm sorry, it's my teleprompter today, it's my iPhone. Sometimes I use a piece of paper, sometimes I write on my hand, sometimes we actually have a teleprompter. Today I took a picture of something I wrote out on a whiteboard that I want to talk about today. Again, I talk about how to build a list on page 167 in the book. I go into some pretty awesome principles in here that some people might read through and think, "Man, is it that easy?" or they might also say it has to be more complicated than that or they might say "Hey, this is so complicated and I can't do it." 

But the bottom line is with a list, you can do what I did this last weekend. Once you build a list, you can send out an e-mail and have fun. Even if I'm going out to dinner with my wife tonight, before I leave, let's see if I can send an e-mail that will actually pay for my dinner or pay for my dinners for the whole year possibly depending on how big your list is. So that is one thing. The key to building a list is the first thing you want to do is you want to solve a problem. You want to find a problem anywhere.

I know you can find a problem in any market in any place with anything. Look at what you wear, look at where you go, look at what people talk about, look for problems. I know Christmastime is a big time where people are looking for Christmas presents. Maybe you can create a list of the top 10 Christmas presents or the top things you want to avoid at Christmastime or you can talk about the top 10 recipes for Christmas or you talk about the top 10 stores to avoid or the top 10 websites to avoid for Christmas shopping. These are ideas coming on top of my head that I know you will probably get traffic for probably almost nothing and you can start to create a list.

Here's a great thing about a list is to deliver the solution to them, in other words, I give an example in another video, if you want to create a list of the top 10 hotels in Rome, Italy or something like that. You don't even have to be the one that creates that solution to that problem. In other words, if I'm on the internet and I'm taking a trip to Rome, Italy and I'm looking for the top hotels, I might see your ad or your page or website, which says, "Hey, find out the top 10 hotels in Rome. Fill out your name and e-mail and I'll send the answer right to you. Plus I'm going to send you the top 10 hotels in Florence, Venice, and pick some other countries in Italy to help increase your conversions." But the bottom line is I put in my name and e-mail, I become a lead on your list, you created this simple websitem just say, "Hey, I will give you the solution" and all you would have to do at that point is to go to Google, type in top 10 hotels in Rome, Italy, and maybe it's on TripAdvisor or some other type of trip website and you can literally just send somebody the URL to that website and say, "Here's the answer to your question. Here's the top 10 hotels or whatever."  

Within that e-mail you can also say, here's another link to a product that a lot of people think they need when they go to Italy. Maybe it is how to get whatever traveler's check, how to get a travel pouch, get one of those pillows, something that people would use for travel and you could then make money when they go click and buy that type of product. So that is a really simple solution to a problem that definitely exists and you can start to think about every city in the world that people travel to and you could build out a huge list just with that idea. I think I'm going to follow through with that one myself. 

So find a problem, give away the solution, the solution can be given away just by sending people an e-mail with a link in it, you could build out a website where you can then send people to that website to get the solution, you could shoot a video, you could just create a download document, you could even create a physical product like this to build more credibility into who you are so you're giving away, like I give this book away for free right now at least. But I created a physical product because this now creates more credibility for me in this market place but I can do this in any market place I wanted to get into.

So long video maybe for a free video of the week this week. Go out there and build a list. Don't overcomplicate it. Find a problem. Solve it. Deliver. Then send out an e-mail that pays for your next date night. Send out an e-mail that pays for your Christmas shopping. Send out an e-mail that makes you more money than you used to make in a year. I challenge you to do that in this week's episode. Please go out. Take action on something. Build a list and I'll see you on the next video.