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Jeff Usner Shares How His Kids Make $25 Per Hour 
Hi, this is Jeff Usner. Thanks for being here on this video. In this video, I want to talk about the story of my 6-year-old, my 7-year-old, and my 3-year-old actually make up $25 or more. Sound kinda interesting doesn’t it? Let me share the story of how this all started.

I’m going to talk about a few points in a second. But this was actually a year and half ago, actually almost two years ago now. My kids came to me. They always see Daddy having businesses and they talked about how they wanted to make money, how they wanted to buy investments because I teach them about buying investments, how they wanted to give to orphans and the poor and the widow. I mean, this is type of stuff they talk about because of what I train them on what to do with money. And they said, “Daddy, what can we be doing to make money?” and I said, “I don’t, you know, let’s- let’s talk about… let’s talk about how you can start,” and they said they wanted to start their own business. They wanna start something that they can do on their own to make money.

So, we sat around, if you picture us. I think we were just sitting outside on the ground or I’m not sure where the conversation took place. But, we’re usually huddled up talking about, okay, what could we do that could make money? What could you do?

So we just started throwing around ideas. One thing led to another. Eventually, we’ve- we actually live on a golf course so one of my sons says, “Well, you know, we’ve got all these golfers that drive by every day.” So I said, “Okay, let’s do something I teach on which is: What can we sell to people? What do they want to buy? What would golfers want to buy? That’s where the conversation led next.

So, I don’t know if you’re a golfer like me. Hey, I do lose a lot of golf balls from that golf. So- and for us, the things we do, like, fun for us as a family is we go out and we’ll go walk around different holes and find all the different lost golf balls, probably most of them are mine. I’d imagine I don’t golf that much for most of them to be mine but I’m sure I’ve contributed.

So we’ll go out and it’s kinda like an Easter egg hunt with rattlesnakes here in Texas. But, we go out. We walk around and we’ve never ran into a rattlesnake, thank God, but we don’t plan to. But, we go out and the kids just love looking through the grass and finding golf balls. It’s really a fun thing for us. It’s something we do at night. And we, actually have, over the year had accumulated a pretty big bucket of golf balls that I was like, “Man, that’s a great supply. I’ll never have to buy another golf ball again in my life because I don’t got that much and that will last me even with my poor golf skills.

But, here we were and we had all these golf balls and I said, “Well, you know, what would golfers want to buy? What’s a solution that they would need? What’s the problem that they have when they’re out golfing? And, very quickly, my son said, “Well, they lose golf balls.” And, I said, “Yeah, we see them if we sit and watch people tee off. They hack ‘em over here, hack ‘em over here. If you watch daddy, I hack them all over the place.” So, they said, “Why don’t we take those golf balls that are sitting in the garage, which we pretty much have a never-ending supply living on a golf course? Just walk around. If we want to get drastic, I could throw some scuba gear on them and get them in the water holes, I guess. But, there’s a lot of snakes in Texas.

So, we found something that our market are willing to buy: golfers. We gave them a solution: they were losing golf balls. Then, we created what I can call an ‘irresistible offer.

So, here’s what happened. We put all the golf balls into, like, an Igloo cooler. Picture my three kids doing this and I’m letting them come up with the ideas. And then, we put it on a… at that point, it was just a little table they’d actually made with their grandfather. Now, we have it on a wagon. And we roll it out there and they put the cooler there and they start talking. Well, not many people are stopping because they just see a bunch of kids standing in front of a cooler. They don’t know what’s going on. Maybe think they’re selling lemonade. What we did then is we created a sign. I said, “Guys, how could you get them to stop and see what you have to offer? So, that’s where we started to work on an irresistible offer. So, we created a sign and they created, actually. They got a piece of cardboard. They got a paper and a pen and started to write out: “Golf balls for sale.” And at first we tested the price. We were, like, $3 each and nobody was really stopping. Then, we adjusted it to a dollar each. Then, we adjusted it to 6 balls for $5. And that started selling like hotcakes.

So, here we were. They went out and took action on the offer. We started have people stop and I’ve actually got a picture of them in my book. I want to share. Maybe you can’t see it on this video. I don’t know if you can see that. Probably not. But it’s in the book if you have the book. And, we also did something else. I said, “Guys, what can you do the sign that will help people to know what you’re selling?” So, we took empty golf ball holders, the pockets, and we take them to the sign. So here they are in front of the sign. And they cleaned up the product too. They had the product spic and span. They wash ‘em. The golf balls are- I mean, they look brand new. Because most people like me, they are brand new! You hit ‘em once, and that’s it, the brand new balls.

So, we created this and people come- people started to stop and ask about what was going on. And some people bought, you know, when we started with just a lower price point before we did the 6 for $5. And at first they’re like, “Daddy I don’t wanna sell them for less than a buck.” But I said, “Guys, let’s just test doing 6 for $5. Would you rather have a $1 bill or would rather have a $5 bill?” Well almost everybody who bought after that bought at least $5 where some were buying $10 and of course you had some people that just loved kids so they were keeping it in like $20. That happened like, once for them as well.

So, here we were. They had a great offer, irresistible offer, really. You got 3 kids there. And, they started to have golfers come by. Well most men they found, they would actually just drive by them because men are really intense when they play golf and, you know, if they lost the ball, they’re pretty ticked off. They don’t wanna buy ‘em from somebody who just found their ball. Some guys will go, “Hey, this is my ball.” It has a mark on it. You know, people mark their balls. That’s kind of funny.

But, what they started to realize is, they’re like, “Daddy, you know, some people aren’t stopping.” I said, “Well, who is stopping?” And here’s where it comes to action, adjust, and adapt. Well, they said, “Grandmas are stopping. Older women who are elderly women who have grandkids are stopping and buying balls almost every time.” I said, “Well, if you want, play in the backyard and every time you see a woman’s either double or four people come through, just run over to your stand for the women.” They’d almost, 100% uptake whenever grandmas drive by.

So, they took action, they started to figure out that grandmas are easy. I put grandkids. They adjusted their offer in almost every grandma that drove by would buy. So, they’d just be playing in the backyard and when they saw people, because we live kind of between a green and a tee. When they saw grandmas on a green here, they wait ‘til they come over the tee box. They’d run over with their cart and make a sale almost every time. Then I said, “What else could you be doing?” Then we’ve got a winning offer. That’s really even making our offer even better. What can we do now?

So, they started to write out these little ‘thank you’ cards which I’m sure are in many grandmas’ refrigerators throughout our development. Where they wrote the words ‘Thank You’, they drew pictures of the golfers, said “Come back. We really appreciate your business.” Stuff like that from, you know again, just little kids with just picture little-kid cards if you ever gotten them. And what happened is there started to be a buzz in our golf course. People started talking about our home, that if you come by, these little kids are going to be there. If they weren’t there, I’d be outside. They go, “Where are your kids? We wanna buy balls. The word got around because they started to create something viral with simply thanking people with a ‘thank you’ card.

So, you can do the same thing in any business that you’re in. Follow these steps. Look at what people wanna buy. Who is your market? What do they wanna buy? What solution can you give them? Right. What offer can you make that’s really irresistible. So, the 6 balls for 5 bucks worked really well. We were able to get a higher transaction and I’m talking like a business because this is a business with my kids. And, sitting in front of a sign? What made it really irresistible as we found out that grandmas are easy, right? I know my mom would say the same thing. So, we adjusted. They only started to selling the grandmas. And then, they would write these cute ‘thank you’ cards which grandmas I’m sure have all over our neighbourhood, our whole development. I’m sure all over the golf course, wherever they have these ‘thank you’ cards on their refrigerators which made a viral offer which is really neat because it’s made it where people now people expect to see them. They’re excited to see them and give them money. You can create the same type of offer in whatever market you’re in.

So, that’s the story of how my kids made up $25 an hour and actually even more for a 6-year-old, 7-year-old, and a 3-year-old. So, that’s it. I hope that helps you in your business, with what you’re doing if nothing else. And, were a proud dad talking about my kids. I’ll see you on the next video. Thanks.