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Internet Millionaire Jeff Usner : How Can I Kick My Own BUTT in Business?
Hey this is Jeff Usner. Welcome to this video. Today I want to talk about something you may have heard me talk about in other videos. I am a fan of a TV show called Shark Tank right. I get some of the best lines, I guess, from Mark Cuban. I like to watch him on the show. I am a big fan of his. But there is something he said on a recent Shark Tank and it was really interesting. He said something that kind of caught some people off guard. He said, "You know what, I stay up at night, thinking of what ways I can kick my own butt in whatever business I'm in.
He is focused on how he can kick his own butt in business. A lot of times people miss that. They are just kind of happy making a little bit of money. They are happy with a little success. But what they don't realize is there are people out there focused on basically "How can I take that person's business?" If you got a successful business, there are other people right now, all around the world, looking at what you are doing and asking "How do I get that money in my pocket?"
So one of the best things to do is, like Mark Cuban said, "How can I kick my own butt in business?" What can I do better? How can I have better customer service? How can I have a better sales team? How can I develop better ways to communicate with my clients? How can I use Facebook better in my business? How can I search traffic? How can I use video? Whatever it is, it is focused on how can I improve what I'm doing right now in my business.
Believe me, when you start to ask yourself, "How can I improve in this fill-in-the-blank, you will come up with ideas. Your team will come up with ideas and you will come up with a bigger, better company. You can use this in any area of your life. I am talking specifically about business and I use it in every area of my life. How can I and then fill in the blank. How can I be better at this? Your mind will give you answers and you will then have to take action on those ideas and you will have a much bigger business, a much better life. I'll see you on the next video.