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Facebook Advertising Update With Internet Millionaire Jeff Usner
Welcome to this video. I’m Jeff Usner. I’m glad that you’re here today and in today’s video, I want to talk a little bit about Facebook ads. I’ve been doing a lot with Facebook ads the last few weeks and testing and tweaking and creating better ads that get higher click-through-rates. ‘Cause one of the keys that you need to know about Facebook Ads is that whenever you place an ad on Facebook, it’s got incredible targeting, yes, but you’re still doing what I call interruption marketing.

In other words, people are on Facebook to read about other people’s lives or look at there to look at other people’s pictures. They’re there to share their lives. They’re not necessarily there to buy what you’re offering, whatever product or service that is. So, when you first start talking to them, and when I say talk you to them, that’s your ad that’s gonna show up on the website. You know, it shows to the right which I don’t know which is my right.

In this video we’re gonna show up to the right of your screens when you’re logged in to Facebook, you’ll see the ads there. Your ads have to interrupt what they’re doing because you’ve got a picture. Put yourself in their shoes or if somebody’s advertising you, what are the ads that catch your attention? That’s a great question to ask yourself. What is it about the ads that you do see that you actually click on that gets you to click on them?

Some of the things that are going to attract you are going to be things that are specifically catered to you. So for example, I use the example in my book, Internet Millionaire: Your Blueprint to Succeed, my wife went to the university and graduated from the University of Texas. Longhorns, hook ‘em. So, she’s taught me how to do that. I’m a Yankee. I don’t know. I learned how to that. But, one of the ads that you could run, you could target people who go or graduated from the University of Texas from a certain sorority or fraternity or whatever. But, let’s use University of Texas for example. Their mascot is Bevo. I could use a picture, an image of Bevo and that might capture my attention a lot faster because that’s something I’m used to seeing if I went to the University of Texas. So, that’s something.

The other thing about Facebook that you’ve gotta… Interruption markting, but the ads that I’ve tested that get the higher click-through-rates, it’s all dependent on your image. In other words, people will read the headline but it’s all about the image. What’s the image that you’re doing? What’s something that you can do that’s a little bit of interaction and we do these same types of tactics and techniques when we do banners and media buys, you know, when you’re clicking around different websites and you’ll see some really weird banners sometimes. And they’re meant to do that for a reason. It’s to interrupt the trend or the flow that you were in to get you to click on what they’re doing.

So recently, I’ve been doing some advertising for our book and for things like that. And I found, as I started to target married people, women who are married, women who are single, men who are married, men who are single, then you do different age brackets, you’ll find that you’ll find much higher click-through-rates now and what that is is basically people attracted to your ads on different age brackets, different demographics, different- whether they’re married or single and that’s things you need to test in your ad.

But then, within that, you need to test images. For example, if I’m advertising to women or family type age range, so maybe it’s somebody in their 30’s and they’re married. If I use a picture of myself with my wife, my click-through-rate is going to be a lot higher in most cases than if it’s just me because it’s a married couple. They’re seeing two people together, so they’re more likely to click on that ad.  The other thing can do to an ad is, you may see this on Facebook, is if you add a red border to the outside of your ad, it also makes it flash out and stick out to you that you’ll actually click on it.  

So, the key with your Facebook ads is make sure that you use different images consistently too because the other thing that happens with media buying, banner buying, or even on Facebook is people get something called banner blindness. That’s the other point of this video I want to talk about, which is, they see something so many times, they basically become blind to it. They don’t even see it anymore. So, you need to rotate your images. Use different images. You can use 1 image for maybe 1, 2, 3 days and as soon as you start seeing your click-through-rate, your click-through-rate is the amount of people that click on your ad every time that it’s seen.
As soon as you start to see it, you’re going to want to pause that ad and bring another image in. And what you can do is you can wind up finding 3, 4, 5, 6 ads or images that work really well. And you simply can set up on your calendar to pause ads like every 2 or 3 days and un-pause another ad and just cycle through them and what you’ll find is that you’ll keep your click-through really high and the key to why you want to keep your click-through-rate high is because the higher your click-through-rate, the lower your cost per click. 

 So when you keep your lower cost per click it means you can spend a lot more money on advertising and make a lot more money which leads to lower lead costs. It leads to lower customer acquisition, people buying your products. You can bring somebody in the door for 5 bucks vs. 10 bucks if you just follow this simple strategy.

Remember, you gotta interrupt them, number 1. And then number 2, you’ve gotta make sure you don’t fall prey to banner blindness. Make sure you’re rotating images over and over and over. But once you have a few winners that work really well, then you’re through the Facebook barrier, I guess if you want to call it. So, you can just pause some ads and unpause some others and just do it consistently where you give people maybe a 2-week to 3-week span before they’ve seen that image. That’s what I found that works. And then, your click-through-rates will stay consistently high in your ads which will keep your cost really far down which is gonna make you money. 

 So, that’s this edition of video here for I’ll see you on another vide