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Internet Millionaire Jeff Usner Shares Free Facebook Ad Strategy He Is Using Now To Make Even More!
Welcome to this week's video. In this week's video, I'm going to cover some Facebook advertising tips. I'm actually going to talk about how I got ads that are now getting up to 6% click-through-rate. That may not mean anything to you if you do not do anything on Facebook but on average you to try to get ads that are on 0.1%. If you get an ad that is at 0.1% click-through-rate, that means that the number of times that it's clicked on when it's seen, that's pretty good. So to be at 6% is pretty amazing. Let me break it down even more simple.

I went from paying 85 cents a click to 12 cents a click or less. So I cut my cost-per-click, actually it was over a dollar at one point, by 80 to 90%. So if you are interested in saving between 80 to 90% on any Facebook ads that you do, you might want to listen up to this video.

Let's get into three quick pointers on how I do this and how you can do the same on any Facebook ad, whether you got a local business, a national offer, in any business that you are involved with.

The first thing about Facebook ads is image is everything. That's number one. So the image that's in your ad, if you can picture a Facebook ad, and they are on the right side of the screen and I should have drawn this on the board but I'm going to draw it right now. So this is your Facebook page and you got your column here with a few things over here, and this is your timeline where people are having their own personal comments, and Facebook ads are what appear on the far right. You will see them. They've got an image usually and some text right beside it. That's what a Facebook ad is, that's what a Facebook ad looks like. Hopefully you know what a Facebook ad is now. But the most important thing about any advertising that you're on is the image. It's the image that shows up and you'll notice that with Facebook, with Pinterest, everything's very visual the same thing as with any advertisement. Sometimes you'll see pictures that are really weird. They catch your attention. You got to remember when you're dealing with Facebook advertising is that you are in Interrupt Marketing. In other words, people are on Facebook, they're not searching for you, they're not looking for you, they're on Facebook talking to their friends. So you got to do something to break their attention and get them focused on you.

There are a few things that I do with images that work really well. One of the things is if you see any of my ads running is I will put a red border around an ad. I use really weird faces, weird settings, scenarios. I'm always split testing images to get the right images. I also test the second part which is the headline of the ad but the main thing really is the image. But once you get the image and headline locked in, when you have a good click-through-rate combination, then I want you to do what I'm about to teach you because this is where you really can cut your Facebook costs. And that is you do what is called a Sponsored Post.

I just did this recently with a Facebook account that I have set up. It was not my main account. I set up a Facebook fan page and that is very easy to do. You can have somebody do this for you on Fivver. You can pay somebody $5 to get you a Facebook page. If you don't really know about that, that is what you really need to know. Go to Fivver and type in Facebook timeline and you can get somebody to create for you for $5. But the bottom line is you create a fan page if you don't already have one, and you create a post about whatever it is that you want to do.

For me, it's about, I've been running several of them actually, but one of them I'm running is where I'm actually giving away my book. So I have an ad, and I run it, where I've got a good headline, I've got a good image that works very well, and I've created a post where I use that same image, and this is basically a Facebook post, so if you are to click on a picture on Facebook, what would you see on Facebook? You would see an image and then you see some words on that side. Again, this is within the timeline. You can actually have ads that show up within the timeline. In other words, I have people thinking that I'm stalking them right now because I show up in their timelines. Not only is my ad over here, they're also over here. That is called a Sponsored Post or Sponsored Listing. 

So you create a Facebook fan page, you make a comment within your fan page with an image that you've tested, that you know works from ads right, and here's the formula you use for the right size. This is all you say on your Facebook post. And actually here is another key tip. You actually rename your fan page the headline of whatever headline pulled best. So if you've never done Facebook ads, you should number one, go read this book. Actually I have it open here, there is a chapter on how to use Facebook and it is pretty amazing. Actually I need to use it more. There's stuff I forget to use that's on that book that works really well. 

This is on top of what's in the book. But what you got to do is you want to create your headline to be the name of your fan page then at the top of your link, this is just like any comment you would ever make on Facebook. Let's not overcomplicate this. Like if you're sharing any image personally, you're just doing it through your Facebook fan page now. You're going to have a link - the first thing at the top. That's what you're going to do. You're going to have a headline, a link, then you're going to talk about a benefit. In other words, I'm giving away this book for free or whatever it is. I reveal the five step system on how I did this or this or how you could make money on your business or whatever it is, that's for this offer, that's what I do then I have another link right below it. So those are three main things. This is pretty ninja stuff. I don't know what the word is. Then the fourth thing you do here is you make a comment. In other words, you have comments on any Facebook post. Well get some people to comment on your post, to like it because that's what it does is it creates social proof around this. When people see your ad, your ad will actually show up here and here and it will show likes, it will show comments, which will increase the click-through-rate of your ad.

So do this formula. It is my formula to get 6% click-through-rate which is about 100 times more than I use to get. This is worth your time. It's worth its weight in gold really. I spent a lot of money figuring out what's working best and what isn't working.

Last thing, leave a comment below this video, whether you watched this on Facebook, whether you watched this on a website, whatever it is, let me know about what you thought about this, where you can use this in your business, and how you're going to take action on this, and really let me know what else you want to hear me talk about and I'll see you on the next video. See you there. Comment below and I'll see you on the next video.