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Creating Freedom In Your Business
    Hey everybody, we’re shooting a series of videos down here in Costa Rica where my family and myself, we’re on vacation here, part of a long stretch of vacations here in the summer for us and I just want to talk a little about freedom in your business and share a little bit of my story and the other businesses I built in the past and how they kind of restrained me and really didn’t give me freedom. I had actually more like of a full time job and if I wasn’t showing up, business wasn’t going. One of my first businesses that I started is when I first started to learn this, I didn’t have any systems in place so when I started in that business, I started to do this is when I was like 23 years old and a home based business I started a really good income in that business but part of the benefits I was looking for in a business when I dropped out of medical school was to create a business that I could have freedom and a lifestyle versus just making money you know making a lot of money without a life to me isn’t a lifestyle.

    So in my first few businesses, starting with my first one, I had developed a really good business and I decided to take a few weeks off just to go live life and not just be working all the time and I did that and when I came back, my business actually was at a lot worse position when I left and what I discovered is I had built this business around me and not around things that will run without me being there. So part of what I’m going to teach you in our training is how to develop systems and put processes in place so that you can have more fun while you’re making money, you can have more time with your family, you can go give more time if you want to go invest in other people and you can make a lot more money while working on a lot less.

    So when I was 23 I learned this lesson and now even honestly the next business I grew same thing I ran into I had more freedom but wasn’t really a business it was just more of an income stream, the third business I built again the second business I built actually went on to do millions of dollars, the third business I built was generating hundreds of thousands of dollars a month but I didn’t have and it’s step is still in place now we made some changes but I didn’t have things in place where I had freedom, I was strapped to a desk or computer, my wife jokes around about my mistress being my computer I was always on it when I was with my kids like I am now we’re on vacation here in a wonderful home here in Costa Rica right on the beach you could probably see behind me.

    Just relaxing and taking it easy we don’t even have internet access at this house so I’ve been able to just unplug I haven’t been using the phone, nothing and I haven’t had any concern about what’s going on back home because I’ve been able to develop some systems and people which is another part of it that are going to allow you to create real freedom so as you’re building your businesses, your initial goals like just around making an extra thousand dollars, five thousand, ten thousand, twenty thousand whatever  might be wherever you’re at your business but the problem is you do this with sacrificing your family, sacrificing your own personal, physical life, your whatever it is that you really like to do and be a part of, it’s just not worth it and you’ll discover that once you get to the point.

    I know when I got to one of my first, it was my first hundred thousand dollar month as far as net profits back in July of 03 might not be my first maybe my third or fourth but I was actually on one of the most depressed parts of my life. One of my friends looked at me and say what’s wrong, you know, you got a nice home, you know you just bought a Porsche cash, we had other cars you know, beautiful home taking vacations, doing all that but I was really not happy with where I was at because a lot of stuff was still depending on me. So we’ve made some changes over the years and now we have multiple businesses that generate hundreds of thousands of dollars a month and we had freedom to if you look at other parts of my story you know go away. We’ve taken several trips this year and we had a bunch lined up after this. I’ll be shooting different videos from the Maine coastline, we’re going to go to Fenway park be a few rose of the field there maybe we’re right on the field for fireworks.

    We’re going to do a lot of fun stuff as a family this summer meanwhile, we’re still making money every day. Our businesses are not shrinking. They’ve actually been growing throughout this process. We actually moved recently, if you’ve ever moved you know it takes a lot of time and throughout the process we did a cross country move, our income actually increased throughout those months as we moved in and bought a new home, which is pretty amazing cause there’s been times in my life where you know if you’ve seen in your business where you can, you know get income going but then if you take your hand off the wheel it goes away.   

    So we’re going to teach you how to create that type of residual income and really passive incomes that you can have more freedom in your life, spend more time doing what you want to do, have more fun doing what you want to do, you know being able to spend that money in a fun way, being with your family and friends whatever it might be, being able to get more money while working less. So these things we’re going to teach as far as putting processes and systems together in the system so I’ll look forward sharing that with you in the next video.