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Confession of an Internet Millionaire
    Hey guys, I was actually just typing an e-mail I was going to sent out to everybody and thought why not just record a video here cause it’s kind of funny, I started typing this e-mail as you can see in my computer here, my messy desk but just talking about kind of wanted to share a short story with you. When I first got involved, I was looking to get involved in online marketing even boy even 18 months ago or so when I started a new marketing online there was a something I let be an excuse for me a long time and that was I didn’t think I was technical enough or I need to have some really great technical skills or I don’t know, I just had this thing in my mind that I couldn’t really do some of the things on my mind like generating leads, growing companies really where I wanted them to grow. Growing my business where I wanted to go, whatever it might be because I don’t have technical skills. I could be around you know people create websites, do all kinds of cool stuff online but I mean I’m just pretty stupid when it comes to that.

    I really don’t have technical experience and I sent an e-mail actually last week to our client database and you know it got all messed up, formatted and but I let that excuse hold me back for a long time and literally if I had not gotten over that excuse even as you know a year and a half, two years ago it would’ve cost us millions and millions and millions of dollars. So, what I just want to send out in this video and really share with you guys is you know we’re doing a two-day event come up here in Dallas with Mr. Hans Johnson and myself and it’s going to be amazing it’s only like a quarter and 95 bucks to come to this thing, which is crazy. I went to an event just at the end of May, I’m sorry end of April, really May with Phil from our company. It’s like 2 grand, 3 grand I can’t remember the exact price but the content in that thing it was pretty good some parts but what you’re going to get in this weekend is going to be crazy sick like it’s just such a no-brainer. You need to go but I really wanted to send this out just to people who might be thinking you know I don’t have the technical skills or I can’t do this online, I can’t create my own leads, I can’t create you know even if it’s only 10 leads a month, 25, a hundred leads, thousand leads whatever it is.

    You know, we currently generate over close to and above, I think, 500,000 leads a month so we’re doing a lot now but I didn’t tell you it wasn’t that long ago, I wasn’t doing that and the reason I wasn’t cause I had this excuse in my mind of can I really do this stuff on the internet because I am just not technical even when I met with Hans last week, we gone through some stuff and like dude I don’t know, I’m just, I don’t know how to do most of this stuff. Hans is amazing and a lot of areas he’s going to teach, some technical stuff as well, but we’re also going to teach strategies where we have no technical bone in your body you could start your own business or if you have an existing business how to generate leads, if you, whatever, how to grow business online, I’m going to show you how to do that. I’ll show you even how I got people working for us that’ll be like 300 dollars a month full-time to do all that technical stuff for me.

    So for me it was like I didn’t want to learn, you did need to learn a little bit of tech but it’s so simple, I always tell people talking I’m like, I’m really retarded when it comes to like technical stuff on the internet really just I don’t understand and I don’t want to understand anymore especially now that I learned how to you know hire people for you know so little to do this stuff for us on the internet. So we’re going to show you how I did that how we do that even right now but don’t let that excuse hold you back from coming to this event if you’re thinking that hey you know I don’t have enough experience or online or you know I need to have some type of technical genius or something like that just want to encourage you just come out to this event.

    You know I’m starting really to prepare for this. This is going to be a killer content. I got a few people coming from our company just to listen to what Mr. Hans Johnson’s going to share on what he’s sharing cause I’m sure we’re going to be learning a ton from him like I don’t even know what I’m going to talk about at all, I might be learning some stuff while I’m up there even but I’m going to be sharing some really killer strategies that we used to create literally millions and millions and millions and millions of leads through getting you know search engine marketing through Facebook, through e-mail, through affiliate marketing, through I mean banner buys. I’m starting to think all different things we do for media we do a lot of different things but I’m going to be teaching you some basic stuff.

    Hans’s going to be doing the same thing some basic stuff you don’t need to have a technical background, you don’t need to know really much of anything. If you don’t know a darn thing except how to send an e-mail, which is better than me last week and I don’t even know what I sent out this e-mail I might screw up again that’s okay, I don’t really care anymore I don’t need to know technical stuff. You can learn a few things, I’ll teach you a few things if you need them but honestly I don’t know much at all but I’ve been able to create millions and millions of dollars even in the last full months online without a bone of techy in me and I’m going to teach you a lot of those strategies I used to do that and how to you know maybe that’s not what you want to do but maybe you want to create some leads for your business.

    I’m going to show you how to do that and you don’t have to know much so I just want to send out this video, this e-mail everything’s going to go out, Facebook whatever I’m still learning all that too some of it I don’t really want to learn cause again I’ll show you how to get people do it for you and you can go just create ideas and whatever you want, talk to people, make money, learn new strategies whatever it is but there’s some skills you don’t need to know. In my mind, one thing that held me back a long time is technical skills so anyways just want to shoot this out, encourage you wherever you see this video, good or if there’s a link on this page here or here or here, I don’t know how’s this is going to look, sign up and come to this event, it’s going to be killer, you’re going to learn some crazy, crazy strategies about how to generate traffic. I’m going to share with you a few things that we do to jump over half a million leads a month not just like crap leads although I can show you how to make those if you want but these are legal leads so, we just launched a test even a couple days ago on  Facebook, starting to generate over 3,000 a day, 900 some leads whatever it was, I don’t even know anymore but lot of traffic of ways you may not know how to do and it require technical lot of technical skill or anything so that’s it man just want to send you guys an e-mail. Hope to see a lot of you in Dallas and share some of the stuff we learned and how you can use it in your own business.