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Communication Secrets for Internet Millionaires #3
Okay, so some practical stuffs I want to give you here as we’re talking about communicating with people around you. What you need to do is just sit down and sit down together and just decide. Okay what’s the goal, what are we going to accomplish? You want to have an agreement in that and layout here’s the challenges that you’ll potentially run into and you know there’s going to be less time here and less time here you know short term and just sit down and write it out and you know go over with each other and make sure it’s really clear with everybody involved. Again, I would do this with an employee or somebody I’m working with in India or in the Philippines or wherever. Getting into expectations set early upfront. There’s a big iguana.

And then you come to the end of these rough roads and you start to get some smooth sailing but if you don’t sit down, if you don’t sit down and get the expectations right up front, you’re going to be on a bumpy road like that. You’re going to be off that road quickly because everybody around you who you need you know help support you and drive towards your goal, they’re going to bail out on you really quick so sit down, set some practical goals and expectations, and you know later on there’s going to still be challenges, people are going to get frustrated because where you were before maybe you were not there as much.

Again, short term there’s a little bit of sacrifice there but if you get really good at this skills set whatever you’re doing, if it’s affiliate marketing or whatever you’re doing with your business quickly you can get other things off your plate are starting to do more what we’re teaching in our other videos where your outsourcing and then your time that you spend is just minimal but yet it creates large results. So, that’s what I want to talk about in this video. Make sure the team that you’re with is with you on your journey and we’ll see you guys at the top.