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San Antonio Boxing Youth Advocates With Jeff Usner in ABC's Secret Millionaire
I wanted to shoot this quick video to talk about the advocates. If you watch the show ‘The Secret Millionaire,’ you’ll learn about Jason and Charlie Mata and how they’re helping the inner city youth in west side of San Antonio. And how they’re doing that is through creating boxing and fitness programs and teaching children about health and the importance of nutrition, self-discipline, a lot of things that are teaching them keep them out of gangs, violence, drugs, and keep ‘em on the right path. 

And they’ve got a huge vision to build out a food pantry, to help out a lot more in their community. And they’ve been there. One of the things I really liked about when I was there, they didn’t mention it on the show is that I was around 3 generations. I was with Charlie, Jason, and Jason, Jr. So there were 3 generations of people helping to build the advocates and that’s a rare thing you find nowadays where you actually have a generational heart for the community. And that’s one of the things that impressed me most about the advocates and why I’m excited about what they’re doing in the west side of San Antonio.

I really encourage you to get involved with what they’re doing. They’re making a huge difference in kids’ lives right now who don’t have all the opportunities that a lot of us might have or like you might even have. And even if you’re in the same type of situation, I’d still encourage you to reach out, volunteer your time if you’re here in San Antonio. If not, please go to the website and volunteer some funds if you can do that as well to help in continuing that process. You saw when I was on the show, they were literally about to go out of business. We were able to help keep them in business, helped this grow. But, we want to keep the momentum so they’re not back where they’re almost out of business again.

So, that’s why we’re shooting this video. That’s a lot of the reason I was on Secret Millionaire. So, I’d encourage you to go to their website. Check out what they’re all about,, a great organization for you to become a part of. Go ahead and do that now. Thanks and I’ll see you on another video.