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Jeff Usner Shares Secrets on Becoming the Next Internet Millionaire
Guys I just want to welcome you to and welcome you to this section on making money on the internet or making money online and as I was thinking about creating this video for you I was reflecting to wow almost 17 years ago so when I’ve started on my first businesses and a lot of you come to this site have never started a business or maybe you had a business maybe you’ve been in for a year or three years maybe just a few months maybe it hasn’t been successful as you wanted it to be you might still be working on your business and not have the free instances you want anyway I was sitting here just thinking about how easy it was 17 years ago I was compared to how it is right now with the internet. The internet is like a great vehicle to use to make money with any type of business online but in the same breath I’d have to say it’s also made things a lot more difficult because if you’re like me you know every day in my e-mail I get all kinds of stuff I get all the kind of things about this, this new system has launched, let’s do this, let’s do that bla bla bla.

On Facebook, I see people talking about this, this, this and I realized I kind of get overwhelmed. When we were first getting started, it’s fun cause you’re dreaming, you’re thinking about okay what can I really do with my own business. What am I going to be able to do for myself? Am I going to get that new car, am I going to be able to help my family, am I going to be able to give to a charity, am I going to be able to get that you know nice home whatever it is am I going to be just be able to get out of my job, pay my mortgage whatever it is? For me, it was to keep the lights on many times in my life. Those were my goals but you know it’s great to sit around and dream and I’m a big believer in that and setting goals but then you start to actually try to learn what to do, things get a little complicated and as I was sitting here today I actually wrote down a few ideas of what it really takes when you really want to start a business that’s going to be successful on the internet.

You know if you really want to make money on the internet, if you want to take your company from zero to whatever your goal is you want to take it from a million to two million to five million to ten million from a hundred million to a billion. There’s a lot of different things you have to deal with in each of those phases but anyway I just jot down a few thoughts I wanted to share with you if you’re brand new here to our site. You know what it really takes to make money on the internet and make money on your in your own business so join me as I walk with my few thoughts. Okay so just a few thoughts right. It’s actually kind of a lot of thoughts but honestly this took me just a couple of minutes to write these all out and it is just some basic things in my mind and what it takes to be successful in business and this is probably just 1% of what I could actually start to talk about this is kind of the beginning part.

I can’t even read my writing, people can’t even either but it’s kind of a lot of stuff first thing you know, this is in no order by the way I’m pretty random when I came to this so I was just thinking of things that would be on my mind. Where would I start those is the question. What product or service am I going to sell? Who’s my audience? Who am I going to sell to? Where are the ads on the internet? What do they want? What do they need? How do I build a website? What words do I put on my website? What pictures do I use? How do I know who’s actually coming to my website? Why do they leave my website? Why didn’t they buy? Why did they buy? What ad copy do I write? How do I brand myself? How do I do research? How do I register? How do I sell copy? What do I do once I have a plan customer care? What’s traffic? How do I get people to get to my website? Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Bing, banners, media buy, PPV those were some traffic sources. How do I outsource them on what I’m doing? How do I get affiliates? How do I convert all these people are you guys starting to get overwhelmed?

A lot of questions, right? How do I convert people to leads, to buyers, to raving fans, people who love me, people who are clients for life? What do I do with people who leave my website and throw a pie at me? Video, how should I shoot a video, I’m shooting a video now and then you got all these different types of terms that it’s like a new language, is this isn’t already a new language this is like I remember taking Spanish when I was a freshman in high school and being kind of lost probably by all through high school anyway but when you start doing marketing, when you’re starting a business it is a language. You get few things like CTA, CPV, CPC, CPM, PPC, CTR, SCO, SLO, open rates, OTO, and I could go on and on and on it really is a new language. 

You guys starting to think there’s a few things you’re going to have to learn to being successful in business well reality is, there is. Legal, accounting, taxes, billing, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diner’s club whatever oh and we have ad copy just this is random, headlines, urgency, calls to actions, scarcity, sales, up sales, down sales, cross sales, sales funnels and then I wrote spouse kids it happens I have certain things here, I love daddy I love mommy, I got a picture of my family. How does that all fit in all of this stuff? I don’t know about you, this is a lot of stuff and this is just the beginning so my goal is really to help you go through all this and honestly just. Anyway, I want to get really bold at and I want to help you to get a grip I’m going to help you to get a grip on really what it means to succeed online and to succeed in life, to succeed in your business and honestly it starts with patience, with yourself. I’m just going to write out to you, I can spell that right if I don’t, my six-year-old will tell me I didn’t. 

And this is reality, you need skills that is really getting engaged with yourself it is not just about you’re going to make this money in 24 hours, you’re not going to build a business in 24 hours maybe you can make a couple hundred of bucks, a couple of thousands maybe ten thousand or whatever but you’re not going to learn how to build a business unless you’re a genius and I don’t even think you could do as a genius learn everything I just put up in this board and become an expert at you need to give yourself time to develop skills that just like when I had a job at Gallerberg restaurant the last job I ever had actually. Wow almost 16, 17 years ago and I have to go through a week-long training just to serve food, to know what was in the food, what wine to serve to people, those types of stuff. I couldn’t start in that job without some training, without developing some skills and I still spilled a lot of food on people and messed up worse and deal them right. 

Which is the next thing you need to do, and this is pretty simple and I’m going to help you take action with what you know and that’s the key. So many people that they will start to get the knowledge, start to learn but they never do anything with it and I’m going to help you to take action and do something with your knowledge, a lot of you see become experts on the internet. They say they’re gurus, they say they’re this and I’m not a guru, I’m just a guy who builds a lot of business every day on the internet and now I’m going to start to teach just a few people how I do that so. Alright, patience, skill set, action I’m also going to help you to learn how to adjust I don’t know if you could read my writing and then you just kind of do it all over again. That’s what building business is about and that’s what is all about, all of our products and services that we’re going to be offering you is to just kind of get rid of all the confusion and really help you to develop skill sets to make money because that’s what it takes you need to get the skills to make money it’s not about just going out there making money in no time to fly.

I could show you how to do things like that but it takes up a long-term business that will really change your lifestyle. That’s what we’re all about. I just want to welcome you into this website. Hopefully, I didn’t overwhelm you with some of the stuff here but the purpose is we’re going to simplify your actions, we’re going to simplify what you need to do to succeed in your business and I just feel honored and blessed and really humbled that you’re here and I’m excited to be a part of your success in your journey. So, thank you so much and have fun following the links whatever’s going to be on this website from here. Thank you.