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Internet Millionaire Jeff Usner Shares a Valuable Strategy for People Working From Home
Hey, this is Jeff Usner. Thank you for watching this week’s video. I wanna talk about a concept that we do a lot, actually, with one we’re launching a new campaign or a new business or a new idea on the internet and that is to monitor what you’re doing like crazy. Tracking is a critical element of our business and it should be a critical element in any business. In other words, know what’s working, know what’s not working.

We use a service called You can use Google analytics on your websites to know exactly where people are going, what’s happening, how long you are on your site, what they’re doing. 

Also, whenever you launch like anything new with paperclip marketing or banner marketing or Facebook ads, three areas I talk a lot about in my book ‘Internet Millionaire: Your Blueprint To Succeed’ and we do those all here all the time. But, is to look at, especially the first 24 to 48 hours are pretty critical. In other words, there’s some tweaking, there’s some things you can change in your AdCap. In other words, if you just launched an ad on, let’s just say Facebook ads and you have 3 to 5 different ads it’s the. . . running to the exact, same demographic; the same exact, same interest, you wanna actually pay attention to which ad gets the highest click-through-rate, in other words, which ad is getting the most clicks in that initial time frame. Why would you wanna do that? Well, because if you can get the ad that is getting a higher click-through-rate, in other words, more people clicking on it, you can lower your ad cost a lot faster. So, you gotta monitor that type of thing.

Same thing if you’re doing Search Engine Marketing, look at the keywords that are actually driving people to your site that are making the desired result that you want whether it’s to make a sale, whether it’s to be a lead, whatever it might be. What is it that’s working in your Search Marketing? What is it that’s working in your Facebook Advertising? What is it if you have a new banner you’re running on a MediaBay whether you’re doing a Google Content Network or some other platform like or something like that where you’re running ads? These are things we do a lot of. But, where you’re running ads and you look at… hey, this banner is the exact, same size and targeting the same website but it’s getting twice as many clicks as the other banner.

Well, the first thing you wanna do is pause the banner that’s not getting clicked. Focus on what is working and start to test against that. Can you beat that? Can you take the concept of that banner? Same thing with Facebook ads. Was there image in the ad? Was it the headline that was different? What was different that that ad got such a higher click-through-rate? Same thing with Search Engine Marketing, you do the exact, same thing. Why did that keyword work? Why did that ad in the keywords work? The same thing we could do with Facebook ads, we should be doing on Search Engine Marketing running several ads, looking at which one’s getting the highest result, because when can get a high click-through-rate, number one starts to tell us what our market really wants. But number two, we can use that because Google, Yahoo, as far as searching this stuff, Facebook, MediaBay type places, you… if you have an ad that people are clicking more often, you can usually pay more per click. It’s a powerful concept that you need to understand ‘cause they only about showing your banner so many times and they’re looking for some interactions. They’re looking for things that are working. And they’re looking for your dollar too, by the way. But for you to make money, you wanna have ads that get lots of clicks. You also wanna make sure those clicks are converting.

So, this video, very simple concept, I want you to really watch what goes on with any type of advertising that you launch within the first 24 to 48 hours. It’s critical. That’s when a lot of times people will say, “Hey, it didn’t work and I’ll shut it down.” Well, what didn’t work is that they didn’t actually look at what was working. They looked at the whole thing and they said this whole thing didn’t work. No, no, no. You don’ wanna do that. You wanna look at what was working. What was the specific thing that wasn’t in pause? Everything else that wasn’t working, you try to make money with what was working.

So, in any advertising you do, in any marketing or anything you’re doing in business, when you initially launch it, it could just be you’re handing out cards at a mall. It could be you’re… have a billboard you bought, you… or whatever. If you’re doing something local, if you have a chamber commerce meeting, I used to do a lot to create context and to make business and I found that, for example, in that town I was living at that time, it was working very well so I tried to figure out how can I get involved in more business groups. So, monitor what you’re doing very closely, and then expand upon it. You’ll make a lot more money in your business. I hope this helped you out today. I’ll see you in the next video.