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Internet Millionaire Jeff Usner Reveals His Top Strategy For Keeping Himself And His Team Focused
Welcome to this video. In this video, I'm going to touch on a topic that's helped take my business to another level. It helped me cut my payroll by about $42,000 a month and that is the topic of outsourcing and what are some key strategies on how do you deal with people whether they are actually in your office or they are overseas. And I want to share one tip, one technique that is easy for you to implement and yet I can tell you through probably spending millions of dollars working with outsources from all over the world, in my office, where they're not really outsources, but with people, that this one tip, this one technique, if I would've known this years ago, it would've taken me to a much higher level, much faster and it would've saved me a whole lot of stress, and a whole lot of overhead. So here's the tip I want to give you on this video.

When you're working with people, I don't know who else you work with other than people, but it's something we do on my office every day, it's something we do with our overseas team as well, and I do with myself as well, is what's called, I call it a Top Three List. Sometimes I talk about having a Top Six List but with my team what I want to look for is what's the top three activities that you need to do the next day? If it's Friday, what do you do Monday? If it's Tuesday, what are you going to do Wednesday when you show up? So I want to have my team focused. I want to have myself focused on what are the activities that will give us the biggest results.

It may sound really simple but with most people what happens is they come to the office, they sit there, they get on Facebook, they get on e-mail, they go check-out a sports site, they do this, that, that, and by the time they know it, two hours, three hours have gone, they check their text messages, like Matt did on his phone, my video stud behind the camera there, there you are, I can't see him behind the lights. They do stuff like that. I'm guilty of it, too.

So here's the key. You've got to do this every day before you show up the next day. And then another thing I do, so they give me their Top Three What're You Working on Tomorrow, what's the top three things you're going to work on and they're going to tell me what challenges did they have this day that they just finished and then what questions do they have or how can I help them with those challenges. Those are the three things that I'm looking for. I'm looking for the top three things they are focused on for tomorrow, what are were the challenges that they had today, and what do they need help with right now that I can help them to move forward faster. Maybe it's not my help. Maybe it's somebody else in the team or there is one snag somewhere that needs to be helped, whatever it is.

But if you focus on those three things, get a top three for the next day done, and then ask them what are the biggest challenges that you had during the day, and number three how can I help you to work through those. If you implement this with anybody you work with, whether they're right beside you, whether they're on the other side of the planet, this will help make your team much more productive and on track. It's going to help you dominate your marketplace and literally kick your competitors out of the marketplace and it's going to help your team very focused and strategized on the exact steps and routines and techniques that are going to create the largest results in your business so I'll see you on the next video. I wanted to get that thing down. Use it now and I'll see you on the next video.