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Secret Millionaire Jeff Usner Shares A Tip That Simplifies Internet Marketing And Working From Home
Let's go into it. I talk about, in the book, I talk about Millionaire Marketing Fundamental #2 says, Find where your audience is and get in front of them. This is key to traffic. I spoke of that already.

So where's your audience at? Where are they at? We talked about this a little bit this morning, not following the slides but just talking about it. Are they on Facebook? Are they searching for you? Are they on Google? Yahoo? Are they on Pinterest? Are they on some other website? Are they down the street at the local store? Where are your clients at? It's just a basic question. Sometimes you make internet marketing a lot harder than it is. Any marketing really, where is your audience? Then the next question is "How do I get in front of them?" It is really that simple. It is what we do every day. 

Now I use reverse engineering to do that but we also find other traffic sources that we can do that others aren't doing because we start asking ourselves these questions.