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Internet Marketing Expert Jeff Usner Shares A Killer Tip He Uses To Increase Conversions
Let's say I'm on Google. Everybody knows Google and I have an advertisement on Google. That is where it starts in this example. It is just an example of somebody, a winning offer from A to Z. A key concept with this is, I talk about it in the book, is congruency, and I see people mess this up all the time, including myself, and it was a Secret Millionaire mistake I made, where you want to make the same message each step of the way.

If you take me and say, "Hey, come to my business. Come through the doors. I'm going to have green pizza tonight." I don't know if there's such a thing. But let's say I come through your doors and I walk in and you have red pizza. What do I feel like right now? Am I at the wrong pizza place? Does that make sense? We do this in our business. It may not sound that drastic but it really is.

"Hey, come to my site and learn about weight loss or how to lose 10 lbs in 30 days. Come to my website." I come to my website and you tell me how to lose 1 lb a month. Do I feel like I'm at the right place? No, because it's different. Does that make sense? That is a really simple example of it but you'll see people who will get the first three parts of this down and then they'll blow it on the fourth. No wonder why they're not making money. The good thing to do is find people who blow it on Stage 3 to 4 and you go and tweak it and dominate and crush them.