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A Key to Making Internet Millionaires
Hey it’s Jeff Usner again. Thank you again for watching this video. In today’s video, I want to talk about something that’s dear to my heart and that is about always being a student. You know we start out like we got through like 13, 14 years of schooling if you’re how many years is that? If you’re just go up to high school then many of us go on to college and then even to more schooling after that and a lot of times we got out of school and we stop learning, we stop acquiring and developing new skills set, learning new things and one of the things I learned early on my life and throughout ups and down in business and in life is to always be working on who I am. Always be working on developing new skills in myself that no one will ever be able to take away from me.

So, I just wanted to encourage you in this video to look at what is it in your life that you’d like to be doing that you’re not. What is the new skill that you’d like to be doing? For me personally, a long time not a long time maybe about 8 months or so, I was taking my kids to karate and I’m a slow learner so this took me a long time to work through this out but I was taking my kids to karate pretty much three, four times a week and I sit there with all the other parents and watching my sons learn karate and it hit me a few months ago, I’m here investing my time I want to be part of their life why don’t I start taking karate with them?

So the last few months, I’ve actually been part of the class now actually just the three of us and learning new skills of karate and self-defense and you know valuable skills that they have and watching my sons develop self-discipline and different areas and increasing their confidence that type of thing. So anyway, that’s one of the skills I learn with my sons and I actually all of us are starting to learn Spanish. I took a lot of Spanish earlier on in my life and now helping my family learning it and just remembering it myself. So those are just two skills set as far as personal things that I’m doing and then on the business side too, I always look for things what can I do this year? This is something I usually do in the end of the year but I’ll do it throughout the year and one of the things I’m learning more about this year is just becoming a better copywriter. Learning how to create offers better and really not just becoming not just being okay at it but looking at the skill that I could actually master it.

So that’s another thing, you could start to learn a lot of things and know a lot about or know a little about a lot but what I found is really honing on some things that you really want to develop to become a master at the skills set. So that’s what I wanted to take time and talk about today and encourage you as you spend time doing this put yourself in a different setting when you do this too whether you have to go just to a park, walk down the street, walk your dog or whatever. Take time and step away from your routine everything you’re used to and really reflect on okay where am I at right now and where do I want to be, who do I want to become because you always have to look at who you’re becoming because later you’re going to be moving forward or backward and if you’re not focused on developing who you are there’s always a lot of programming in the world that’s going to be focused on taking you to the direction that they want to take you.

So, I encourage you today in this video take some time, ask yourself the basic question of what new skills do I want to develop? This day, this week, this month and this year and figure out why you want to do that because you’re going to need that as you start developing a new skill you’ll hit a point where you’re kind of get tired of doing it or you forget why you started you want to figure out why. So, I encourage you today figure out what that new skill set that is whether personal or business and take action on that today.