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Simple Strategy to Creating Winning Offers

proud boy99% of people mess up this one thing that spells the difference in profitable offers. Discover it today and get more out of your campaigns immediately!   What is the key to creating a winning offer? A lot of times, I get asked this question and I know people are waiting for a super internet millionaire strategy that will blow their minds away. But what they don’t know is that all it takes is a very simple technique and it has the potential to make you millions and millions online. It is all about congruency. Most people mess this up most of the time but if you want to take your offers and make them profitable, you can’t afford to mess this up. It is as simple as having the same message every step of the way in your offer. Say it begins with a Google ad. For example, you go place an ad in Google that offers people green pizza. Somebody searching for it clicks through your ad but once they land on your website they see that you are offering red pizza. How congruent is that? Naturally, the first reaction of this person is to get out of your website because you are not delivering on what you said you will deliver and the person will feel he or she is at the wrong place immediately! Congruency is the priority yet we mess it up a lot of times in our businesses and then we ask why we are not making money. There is a whole hoard of examples of people not getting this. One time I saw an ad that says ‘Lose 10 lbs. in 10 days’ but when I clicked on it, I see a website that teaches people how to lose 1 lb. a month. It’s not congruent and as a result, people will go running out of your website and you will not get any money at all so be congruent in every step throughout the process. -Jeff