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Pro Bidding Strategies to Earn More Money

pro traffic biddingBidding sometimes appears tricky but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tricks to nail it and stop yourself from losing money.   Learning killer strategies on bidding is essential to attract success in your business. When I was just starting, I remember having to struggle with this and I ended up losing a lot of money; in fact so much that there was a time when I opened my computer around 9 AM and see that I’ve already lost over $1000! In your business, whatever it is that you are doing, whether it be pay per click, pay per view, or whatever, bidding strategically is essential, particularly when you are working with a budget. To me what I do to get things going nicely is to make sure I capture traffic as much as possible, as soon as I can so that I will get immediate results and adjust accordingly. From experience, what I find people doing is they normally bid lower. You may be doing this yourself and thinking you are saving money this way but in reality, you are not. Why? It is because a lower bid will not normally get you a good amount of traffic. If you don’t have that traffic, you will have problems. The crucial point here is to get yourself immediate traffic and make the most of it as much as you can. My personal strategy is I bid high in the beginning to get the traffic so that I know quickly which works and which do not. What you can do is set your bids high, the max per day on that campaign to get the traffic; if not you will get into lots of trouble. Do this and you will be able to generate more out of your campaigns and get the most out of your budget. Bidding is where a lot of people make the most common mistakes and going over those mistakes is the key to avoid losing money for you. -Jeff