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Jeff Usner: What to do when you don’t see results

When you first step into the world of internet marketing it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the flood of information that is out there. You are not alone. Pretty much everyone who is in the internet marketing business has gone through this phase – even the ones who are earning six figures right now… this includes myself. It wasn’t long ago that I was drowning in debt and the internet was my only hope. But what made the difference? How did I go from overwhelmed and stressed into making millions and millions time and again, and how can you achieve the same results? It really is one simple concept that makes all the difference. You’ve got to take the knowledge that you have and start using it. Take action! Most people get stopped with fear of making a mistake . They make tons of excuses and stay in that overwhelmed mode, maybe even having great ideas but never taking them into action. Thing is, until you put your ideas to action, they are just ideas and will not make you a single dime. Point is, there are no good and bad ideas; the market place will tell you which is which based on their actions. Best thing for you to do is pick one idea and start taking action on it. You will never get anything going if you have too much going on at once. The key to success is to start taking action. Set up a goal and act on it. It may be to make that first $1, first website, placing an ad on elance or fivver or whatever. Just do it! Most likely, you make a few good things work and a few bad things too but it’s okay as long as you keep moving forward and don’t get caught with thinking too much that stops you from taking action. Taking action is so important to me that I built a system around that concept. I thought… What if I broke down the getting started on the internet process down in to manageable daily steps and actions for people. What if they could look over my shoulder and watch me get started in a market and build from the ground up day by day? What if I could help people make their first dollar on the internet in 30 days? Sounds pretty good huh? Well that’s just what I did. I created the 30 Day Challenge. This is a 30 Day system where I take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY what do do  and when. Step by Step Day by Day Many have already taken the challenge and are getting results “I love it!!!! I have been looking for some thing like this for years. I am having trouble watching it everyday.. work and life, but I plan to catch up on the weekend. Thanks for doing this!! Are we going to have access to this after the 30 days. I plan on doing it step by step, but it would be nice to be able to go through it one more time.” -Nancy “Thanks a lot for this – this is the first online class I will buy and not cancel my subscription because of the value I see in it. I feel that you are practically taking me by the hand step by step to the success I see so I cannot disconnect from that. Thanks a lot!!!!” -Sunmi And those are just two of our challenge takers. See what the buzz is about. Click the button below