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Jeff Usner Shares How to Nail a Killer Offer in 24 Hours

24-hoursGet the most out of your offers and never lose money! Find out what you can do to take your offers into the next level.   Launching new campaigns is always an exciting time for me and my team. Whether it is a new ad on Google or Facebook or wherever, there is always that air of anticipation to see whether or not this new thing will work. However, once we get it out there, here comes a critical part of our work to ensure success: monitor it like crazy! For sure you have an idea how important tracking is in what we do. Tracking is a critical element and you can never go overboard with monitoring what you are doing. It is an essential part of the process because it will tell you what is working and what is not working. In the first 24-48 hours, this is very crucial. Around this time, you can pretty much see how the market is taking your idea and in turn, build on what is working and tweak the things that are not working. It gives you an idea what people are doing and where they are going and this information you can use to make your campaign even better. You will only know this of course when you are tracking your stuff. The trick is to find out which ads is it that are getting a high click through rate. Naturally, you want to pause the ones that are not performing as much. But what you can do is find out those that are doing well and lower your cost per click immediately so monitoring very closely and acting on it quickly is really brilliant in this regard. It doesn’t matter what platform you are using, be it Google, Facebook, media buys, or whatever platform, for you to make money, watch what it is working for you and make sure you are getting clicks and converting. – Jeff Usner