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I’m Hiring Again!

help That’s right — we’re hiring! Usually all our hiring is done through word of mouth referrals, but I thought that since so many of you have already gone through our training, you would be that much more qualified to work with our team by the time you walk through our doors. Before you raise your hand, I need to point out a few things… 1) it would require you being physically present in our office, and thus relocating to the San Antonio area. 2) the positions available are: – writers/editors (blogging and/or content management. WordPress knowledge is a plus) – email marketing (knowledge of email, ISPs, bounces, feedback loops, etc is a plus) – buisness development – Web Developer/php – database coders 3) you need to be highly analytical and detail-oriented. In the case of writers/editors Creativity is also needed. Much of the success of marketing relies heavily on gathering statistics and making changes based on the information gathered. I’m excited for the opportunity and looking forward to hearing from those interested! Email: hiring(at)profithub(dot)com Talk soon, Jeff