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How would Jeff get started with less than $500?

barrierIt is very easy to over complicate internet marketing. I spent years doing this my self. It wasn’t until I discovered a few killer strategies that keep things simple and put more money in your pocket than you thought possible. Normally, these would be the common challenges for beginning marketers:

  • no list
  • no connections
  • only $500 or less
  • no tech skills
These may seem like serious problems but you have to be careful not to make them excuses to keep you from moving forward. You could easily get stuck there (I did) or you can use the Reverse Online Profits system that I developed to take you beyond these common hold ups. Here is what does that look like:
  1. Find a problem – In any market place that you are in or any market you want to enter, it starts with a problem that you can give a solution to. This solution doesn’t have to come from you directly though. Point is, find a major problem to make major money!
  2. Find a solution – Solve the problem that you come up with and give the solution for free to get people’s attention. You can use the email profits system to create major income.
Build a massive list – Use the Reverse Online Profits system to get this done and build free traffic for life. As you build your list, you put these people into a follow up sequence where you can offer other products, ideas, services, and content that solves their problems. These things don’t have to be yours. They can even be for a competitor that you can team up with as an affiliate.   -Jeff