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How to Stumble on Million Dollar Ideas

It’s easy to fall in love with ideas but finding the one that makes millions is the killer part. Learn how to do that with this 1 trick.iStock_000008260840XSmall   You know the song ‘The Gambler’ by Kenny Rogers? There is a good insight in that song: know when to hold and know when to fold. This idea is something that I completely learned the hard way. Early on in my life, I got this idea focused on a software company. I fell in love with the idea and am all in with it and invested all the money I had at that time. I kept on going and going with it even if it was not getting me the results that I wanted. In my mind, I keep saying, this will work but three years later, I’m at the worst shape of my life! What I want to tell you is simple, don’t get stuck with one idea. You have to know when to fold and know when to hold. In my instance, I kept on pursuing this bad idea until I reached a point where I was so bad off that I decided to pursue another idea that I had had written down for a long time and very quickly, this idea made me millions in 12 months and completely transformed my financial life just like that. Don’t obsess with your ideas. Let the market tell you which is working and which is not working then go on with those that work. You have to be quick to identify which are the ideas that don’t work and move on to the next idea on the board because you never know when you are going to hit a winner unless you take action! Ask yourself what you really want to be doing, focus on one idea, do your research, test it out, and if it works, improve on it and increase it but if it doesn’t work, realize it quickly and move on. -Jeff