How to Create Brand Loyalty

How much do you like advertisements? Probably not a lot. But guess what? Your customers feel the same way. They are tired of ads hitting them from every side of their face.

But does this mean you should stop engaging your customers? No. There is a way to connect to them regardless of how little engagement they wish to have.

A shift in perspective

If you want them to pay attention to your message, or even better, create brand loyalty, the secret is in abandoning your focus on moving products. That is right. Forget about it. Instead, put all your energies into moving people through shared values.

Invest in beliefs instead of in products or in the company. Ultimately, people become brand loyal not because of the business but because of what the business stands for. Foster emotional attachment through shared values. Lead them to your company through a common belief that matters to both of you. This way, the connection is more personal and it will be easier and more natural for them to develop a close relationship with your brand.

Be on the same team

You do not need to bombard them with ads and engage them all the time. What matters is that you let them know you are on the same team. Find out what matters to them and incorporate these values into your business. It makes them feel you have a higher purpose and is not just around for the money. Communicate your beliefs clearly and if it mirrors what your customer’s value, they will stick with you in the long run.

However, it is not enough to simply plant your flag. You should also plant it somewhere where it creates a divide. Let it separate you from your competitors. This way, your customers develop a feeling of belongingness and will favor your group over the outsiders.

This does not mean you need to make enemies though. You just have to position your brand against something. It does not even have to be another brand – it could simply be an idea that your customers also dislike. Make a stance, sell solutions, but do not let anything get personal.