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help That’s right — we’re hiring! Usually all our hiring is done through word of mouth referrals, but I thought that since so many of you have already gone through our training, you would be that much more qualified to work with our team by the time you walk through our doors. Before you raise your hand, I need to point out a few things… 1) it would require you being physically present in our office, and thus relocating to the San Antonio area. 2) the positions available are: – writers/editors (blogging and/or content management. WordPress knowledge is a plus) – email marketing (knowledge of email, ISPs, bounces, feedback loops, etc is a plus) – buisness development – Web Developer/php – database coders 3) you need to be highly analytical and detail-oriented. In the case of writers/editors Creativity is also needed. Much of the success of marketing relies heavily on gathering statistics and making changes based on the information gathered. I’m excited for the opportunity and looking forward to hearing from those interested! Email: hiring(at)profithub(dot)com Talk soon, Jeff

Email in InboxGoogle recently made some changes to Gmail with the new default organizing system. Dictating how things should be filtered in your in-boxes is digital despotism, a form of technical tyranny where a company decides where our subscriptions should be sorted and how much focus they deserve. When we subscribe to things, especially training from people who we follow and learn from, We want to see them in our inbox, not filtered by an algorithm from Google. Besides, no default interface designed for the masses is going to make us more productive. For productivity is about how we handle our overall life agenda not just our inbox. If you receive emails from us and want to ensure you get our training emails and videos in the future, including all our announcements giving away my books and programs, then take immediate action: Here’s what you need to do: 1. Open your Gmail and notice the new “tabbing” setup. 2. Click the “Promotions” tab. 3. Look for any emails from me/ProfitHub. If you see one, drag it to the “Primary” folder. 4. A question will pop up asking if you want this done automatically in the future. Click YES. We really appreciate your help on this. We want to stay in touch! Personally, we’re not allowing them to control our inbox. If you want to completely remove these new tabs – We sure did – then: 1. Go to the Settings box in the upper right hand corner of your inbox and choose “Settings.” 2. Click on the “Inbox” tab, then un-select all categories except “Primary.” If you have a “buyers list” or any other email list that you communicate to regularly, then I suggest that you notify them of this change as well. Talk soon, Jeff

headline copyTired of getting boring results out of your ads? Find out how to write attention grabbing headlines and copy to ensnare your customers here.   Good headlines give your marketing campaigns the strongest edge in an every competitive market. When you write good headlines, you instantly pull customers to your business. When you focus your efforts on coming up with creative and killer output, you generate more profits simply because you capture the attention and interest of your target market. When you are first writing copy, whether it is an advertisement or an email you send out, a billboard in front of your business,  an ad in the local magazine, a radio advertisement, a TV advertisement, whatever the advertisement is, it is the first thing that people see. A head line tells your clients something about their interests and what you are about to give them, in the quickest way possible. They compel people to pay attention. So how do you write better headlines? The answer is to address the biggest need of your customers. Because your headline stands out from the rest of the copy, they have the ability to provide a clear signal to your target audience so that is what you want to get after first. Problem is, not all marketers know this first step. They don’t know what the customers need and as a result, they fall short in delivering solutions to their problems. The end result is profits that are not satisfying. To get better results and write more captivating headlines, the trick is to approach the market from the perspective of the client. It is always a smart thing to do when looking at getting into a market or solving a problem. Pretend you are the person looking for the particular product or service that you offer. But more than that, you must figure out their motivation. Think about the problems that they face every day, how these problems are affecting their lives and satisfaction. How do these problems make them feel and what experiences are they having as a result of these concerns. Why are they frustrated? Why are they afraid? Why are they looking for change? Answering these questions lets you begin to understand the thinking of your clients and you can start writing headlines that will start their motor’s running. Using this information, you get the building blocks to an irresistible offer. Ask yourself what is the biggest problem that you can solve right now for your customers? Most of the time, you can solve a lot problems and you generate tons of ideas. Don’t get overwhelmed. From this pile of ideas you’ve just brainstormed, you can narrow it down to three or five leading issues and start writing headlines that address them. The next step is to test your ideas and run them on Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or Bing. It doesn’t matter whether you put up different banner ads or whatever mode of advertisement you pick. The point is you will see one headline outperform the rest by as much as 3:1 or even 10:1! The headline that is able to pull the most customers in is definitely the one that shows you which is the biggest, most specific need of your target market. Utilize this powerful marketing tool to make a big difference in your campaigns today. The results will completely blow you away! Let me know your results below! -Jeff

Becoming a student of marketing is a great way to learn what is working online right now. This guarantees more traffic and more income. He advises aspiring internet millionaires build lists related to their product or service and look for ways in their businesses to implement this concept whether it is a small business in a local town or an internet marketing project. [youtube][/youtube]

suprised boyTaking your business to the next level doesn’t have to be complicated. Lack of growth in your business does not come from external factors but from internal decisions that are made everyday within your company. The most common mistake committed in internet marketing is not sticking with your ideas that work. If you find one idea that drives sales to your business, instead of focusing on expanding on that idea, often you can get distracted by trying to come up with a new idea and leave the one that is working too soon. Take a look at your business and see which ideas create revenue, which ideas are getting clicks, which ideas are driving traffic, which ideas are bringing you growth and come up with ways to expand on them. Generally, there are two ways to capitalize on your working ideas and grow you business:
  1. Get more customers – Look at your current business and identify what is already bringing customers in the door. Ask yourself, ‘how can I do more of that?” How can you create more relationships like that? Zero in on which media buys, Google ads, or Facebook ads are working and how you can do more of that.
  2. Increase initial order – Look at what’s already working. What are people buying from you? How can you offer more of that? Extend the offer to more months? Increase packaging? Think of ways to up sell and increase transactions so you earn more revenue easily.
Zero in on what works. Don’t get distracted with the “next best thing” and leave profits on the table. -Jeff

According to the internet millionaire, having a successful mentor is key in being successful yourself. He advises aspiring internet millionaires to do the same as he has done to create his wealth. This business concept is responsible for taking his businesses to another level and his multimillionaire students to skyrocket revenues from 100 million to 556 million quite quickly. [youtube][/youtube]

proud boy99% of people mess up this one thing that spells the difference in profitable offers. Discover it today and get more out of your campaigns immediately!   What is the key to creating a winning offer? A lot of times, I get asked this question and I know people are waiting for a super internet millionaire strategy that will blow their minds away. But what they don’t know is that all it takes is a very simple technique and it has the potential to make you millions and millions online. It is all about congruency. Most people mess this up most of the time but if you want to take your offers and make them profitable, you can’t afford to mess this up. It is as simple as having the same message every step of the way in your offer. Say it begins with a Google ad. For example, you go place an ad in Google that offers people green pizza. Somebody searching for it clicks through your ad but once they land on your website they see that you are offering red pizza. How congruent is that? Naturally, the first reaction of this person is to get out of your website because you are not delivering on what you said you will deliver and the person will feel he or she is at the wrong place immediately! Congruency is the priority yet we mess it up a lot of times in our businesses and then we ask why we are not making money. There is a whole hoard of examples of people not getting this. One time I saw an ad that says ‘Lose 10 lbs. in 10 days’ but when I clicked on it, I see a website that teaches people how to lose 1 lb. a month. It’s not congruent and as a result, people will go running out of your website and you will not get any money at all so be congruent in every step throughout the process. -Jeff

iStock_000006230006XSmallNormally on the internet, you don’t get to decide what the most eye catching things is that goes into your website – your target audience decides this weekly, daily, hourly even some times. The most powerful piece of your website is what draws their attention the most. The trick is to work that in your favor. It can be tricky business for beginners trying to set up landing pages to create profit online I have found 6 killer tips to make it happen:
  1. The first glance rule – Where does your eye go when you first look at a website? The first thing your eyes go to in a website is very important because it tells you where the eyes of other people go to when they are on your website and naturally you want to make whatever it is there count!
  2. The five second rule – Ask yourself, “Do you want to stay on this website after the first few seconds?” A killer tip is it has to be simple. The key is to know what problem you are solving and communicate that quickly.
  3. Images- Are they clickable? Is it a good image? Is the position good?
  4. Call to action – Are the words on the call to action button good? Is the color popping out?
  5. Keep it simple- Make it very clear what you want people to do on your website. Don’t make them think because if you make them think they will leave.
  6. Pop up domination – Focus on capturing a lead. Always build a list to make more money online. People won’t stay on your site but but if you build lists, you remain in contact with them for a long time.
Go test it out! start looking at some webpages and see what draws your eye. -Jeff