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According to the internet millionaire, having a successful mentor is key in being successful yourself. He advises aspiring internet millionaires to do the same as he has done to create his wealth. This business concept is responsible for taking his businesses to another level and his multimillionaire students to skyrocket revenues from 100 million to 556 million quite quickly. [youtube][/youtube]

golden freedomEarning a lot of money without a lifestyle isn’t worth it. Discover how you can develop freedom in your business and still boost income.   I have a question for you: how much are you sacrificing to earn the money that you are getting off your business right now? It may be $100, $1000, $10000, and so on but what is it costing your life? When I dropped out of medical school, I was 23 years old, I started to work on my business and give it everything I have – not just my physical labor but time with my family, time for friends and other people, my personal time for myself and pretty much every other aspect of my life I had to sacrifice just to grow my income. You might think this is a great approach as obviously, I’m working hard and I’m able to generate a lot of income. Yes, the income was there but around this time, a friend of mine came up to me and asked what was wrong with me because I looked so depressed! Yes, I am. Yes, I had the business. Yes, I had the money. But bottom line is I had to sacrifice my life for it and you realize at one point: it’s not worth it at all! Everything on the business is dependent on me that if I take off my hand from the steering wheel, it will collapse quickly. I did not have systems in place or processes or people in place which will allow me freedom to get a lifestyle, to enjoy my family and friends, to do things that I want to do with the income I have. Over the years, I’ve made changes and one of the biggest is learning how to create freedom in my businesses that allows me to earn more, work less, and give more. It’s all about putting systems in place which will increase income and still afford me a lifestyle. Do you have such systems in your business? If not, would you want to learn how to put them up and experience more freedom and more income? -Jeff

newliffeAre you waiting for that big thing to change your life? Find out a simple way to go from wherever you are right now to the success that you always knew you were meant to be.   Hey guys, today I want to talk to you about Profit Hub. Last year, I launched this company to provide an avenue for online marketers to learn all there is to learn about making more money online. To some this is the perfect beginning step before they take the plunge into the jungle that is the internet and to others this has given them the opportunity to sharpen their skills and allow them to double, triple, quadruple their return of investments. Truth is, the internet is not a very accommodating place. I know so because I am speaking from experience. When I was just beginning, I had a lot of problems with it and I did not know what I was doing most times that I had attracted so much trouble into my life. The debt that I acquired is staggering, over $200,000, I had a stroke and I lost my son, I did not know how I was going to put food on our table and it is just not a great time. I struggled with everything! Now the coolest thing is throughout this time, I’m able to discover a system that has taken me from that dark time in my life and into making millions and millions in just a few short years. The even better news is that exact system that I used and developed is what I intend to share with you in For many, I know they tend to over complicate internet marketing and it can be sometimes confusing but it does not always have to be and this is your shot to turn things around for your life! -Jeff ProfitHub

soaringGet your Facebook campaigns soaring through the roof with these super simple three step process. Get a ctr as high as 0.6%!   Are you interested in learning how to make money from Facebook ads? Let me teach you real quick how to get killer click through rates off them. Now normally, a decent click through rate will be aroubd 0.1% right? What if I tell you I have Facebook ads that are at 0.6%? That’s pretty amazing! Do you want to know how? Doing what I do can save you a tremendous amount of money. For instance, in my ad, I started paying at around 85 cents a click then immediately, I’m able to lower the cost per click at around 12 cents so that is about 80 to 90% reduction in cost per click. There are only three things that you must do:
  1. Image is everything. Remember that Facebook is very visual. You have to capture the attention of people because ultimately, they are not on Facebook to buy anything. It’s all about interruption marketing so the better the image, the higher success chances are. Of course, split test your image to see which one is the best.
  2. Set up a sponsored ad. This begins with a page. Create one and do some posts. Pick one that you want to do a sponsored ad for and it will show up on the Timeline of people. A good tip here is to make the name of your page, a headline that has worked for you before.
  3. Design your post: it must have a good headline, followed by a link to wherever you want to send them, throw in some benefits that they will get once they click on the link, then have people commenting or liking your post as social proof.
This is a super simple three step process to Facebook ads but it will increase your click through rate like crazy! -Jeff

iStock_000006230006XSmallNormally on the internet, you don’t get to decide what the most eye catching things is that goes into your website – your target audience decides this weekly, daily, hourly even some times. The most powerful piece of your website is what draws their attention the most. The trick is to work that in your favor. It can be tricky business for beginners trying to set up landing pages to create profit online I have found 6 killer tips to make it happen:
  1. The first glance rule – Where does your eye go when you first look at a website? The first thing your eyes go to in a website is very important because it tells you where the eyes of other people go to when they are on your website and naturally you want to make whatever it is there count!
  2. The five second rule – Ask yourself, “Do you want to stay on this website after the first few seconds?” A killer tip is it has to be simple. The key is to know what problem you are solving and communicate that quickly.
  3. Images- Are they clickable? Is it a good image? Is the position good?
  4. Call to action – Are the words on the call to action button good? Is the color popping out?
  5. Keep it simple- Make it very clear what you want people to do on your website. Don’t make them think because if you make them think they will leave.
  6. Pop up domination – Focus on capturing a lead. Always build a list to make more money online. People won’t stay on your site but but if you build lists, you remain in contact with them for a long time.
Go test it out! start looking at some webpages and see what draws your eye. -Jeff

helpThe secret of success is not doing a lot but doing a little that yield max benefits. Here is a super secret you can’t miss today.   How would you like to do only 20% of activities that will give you 80% results? Most people who know me often ask how am I able to do all the things I’m doing every day. I run multiple businesses, I do volunteer and charity work, I have a wife and a big family, and all in all, I’m just a very active guy and it is a cause of interest for many, asking how do I balance my life? There is really no secret formula and in fact, if I tell you what I do daily, you’ll probably laugh at how seemingly simple it is but I have to tell you that it produced mighty good results… It is all about focus. To me, doing all that I do is just about learning how to focus on activities that provide me the biggest results. The funny thing is most people do it backwards. They focus on a lot of activities that don’t give them anything at all! The trick is to reduce your activities by 50% to boost productivity by 100%. This is what I do every day: every night, I list out the top six things I know I need to do the next day and focus on that list right at the get go. Do it one number at a time and don’t go to the next without finishing the one on top. Doing this gives you focus and doesn’t allow you to fall to the usual distractions like emails, text messages, Facebook or whatever that everyone else does. If you start your day this way, you will be in distracted mode all day and you can’t be productive. For a change, do 20% of activities today that gives you 80% of results. Start having a list and take action. The difference will be massive.   -Jeff

barrierIt is very easy to over complicate internet marketing. I spent years doing this my self. It wasn’t until I discovered a few killer strategies that keep things simple and put more money in your pocket than you thought possible. Normally, these would be the common challenges for beginning marketers:
  • no list
  • no connections
  • only $500 or less
  • no tech skills
These may seem like serious problems but you have to be careful not to make them excuses to keep you from moving forward. You could easily get stuck there (I did) or you can use the Reverse Online Profits system that I developed to take you beyond these common hold ups. Here is what does that look like:
  1. Find a problem – In any market place that you are in or any market you want to enter, it starts with a problem that you can give a solution to. This solution doesn’t have to come from you directly though. Point is, find a major problem to make major money!
  2. Find a solution – Solve the problem that you come up with and give the solution for free to get people’s attention. You can use the email profits system to create major income.
Build a massive list – Use the Reverse Online Profits system to get this done and build free traffic for life. As you build your list, you put these people into a follow up sequence where you can offer other products, ideas, services, and content that solves their problems. These things don’t have to be yours. They can even be for a competitor that you can team up with as an affiliate.   -Jeff

The number of struggling individuals and families everyday is staggering. Find out how you can be a blessing to others today.jeff_and_rondah   I don’t know if you remember this, but when I appeared on ABC’s Secret Millionaire last year, I met this very good hearted lady named Rhonda that runs Habitat for Safe Seniors. It is a nonprofit organization based here in San Antonio and basically what they do is help seniors and those others and families who are badly in need in terms of food and groceries. What they do is raise money and helps to deliver the food to the many people who are struggling to get by. The first time, I was so amazed at the line of cars coming to them to pick up the groceries. Simply, there are just too many people in need! During the show and even after it, I continue to be in touch with Rhonda and I found that after being on the show, it is great that some people become aware of what she does with the volunteers in the group but these people who are generous with their donations are greatly outnumbered by the tremendous amount of clients that come to Habitat for Safe Seniors looking for help. Rhonda tells me it’s good to have some exposure for the group in Secret Millionaire but along with that came more responsibilities as more people learned of the help they are giving and wanted to receive it too. This brings us to an important point: if you can help, why are you not helping? There are many struggling people out there and at one point, you have to ask yourself how are you reaching out and more important, if you’re not reaching out, you should definitely start doing it! I encourage you greatly to do this. Share whatever you can because when you give your blessings back they return to you a hundred, even a thousand fold! -Jeff

iStock_000000988159XSmallKeeping communication lines open is crucial to attaining business success. Practice this skill daily to create bigger results for your business.   It is never easy starting a business. I know this because I experienced this firsthand and along the way I have had to overcome major challenges. What made it more difficult for me is the fact that I know I am not the only person involved or affected by what happens to my business because I have a family with me that I have to support and who are dependent on me in turn. This may be the case for you too whether it is a family, wife, or employees, this dimension exists and what will define success is how you communicate with these people around you. Primarily, you need them to support you and without them it will be much harder than it already is. The first key in growing your business is to realize that and acknowledge that you need to approach this as a team, particularly because the road to success is often bumpy. Before you begin your trip into business, update the people around you about what to expect. Tell them where you are going, what your plans are, what can they expect, what sacrifices will have to be made, what road blocks and challenges will probably come up. Keeping communication lines open will help ease the challenges and will ensure you are all working on the same plane to achieve the same goals. For example, if you have a family, communicating to them what you will need to do to work on the new business is crucial. You may need to spend more time in the beginning figuring things out and handling many processes within the work so your time with your family may be limited. Same thing with employees. You have to tell them what you expect so that they will deliver and you will get to where you want to go together. -Jeff