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Jeff Usner Breaking it Down: Finding Your Niches!

The first step to making money online is finding the money market. This is where many people get confused because there are SO MANY and they don’t know how to go about it. In my years of internet marketing and finding new niches I’ve learned a thing or two that makes the process easier. So, if you are overwhelmed by all the options take a deep breath… *deep breath* Here are a couple of tips that I use all the time. First, pay your local bookstore a visit and go to the magazine racks. Pick one and start flipping through it to see different ads that are there and look what other marketers are up. Make a list if you need to or just take some mental notes. Next, start looking up these markets online. Get on your computer, go to Google or Bing, and start typing words to see what comes out in the auto generated search area… those are what people are searching for most… those are your niches. For example, you can type in the word wedding and next thing you know all sorts of wedding related stuff comes out like wedding invitations, wedding dresses, wedding flowers, and so on. You don’t even have to be involved in all these, just pick one and take action on it and start making money. Second thing that you can do is go into seasonal markets and give people the opportunity to buy from you. For instance, Christmas is always a time when people spend more than usual. Put up gift ideas, holiday vacation packages, events and costumes, and so on. There are so many holidays year round and if you put up a website for all these and throw in an offer you will generate income throughout the year just from taking advantage of these seasonal markets. The crazy thing is not a lot of people do it! YOU can be the person to provide people with the solution to their seasonal needs, capitalize on this market, and make a killing! Remember, don’t make things more complicated. Start with one thing, take action on it, and build!