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Back to Back Tips on How Make 2013 your Year

Make 2013 the best year of your life! Here are a couple of killer tips to make it happen.priorities   Here are back to back strategies from me to you to make 2013 your year: minimizing and focusing. These are simple but powerful concepts that will take you far, not only in business but also in life. Last year, I went on a skiing holiday with my wife and towards the end of the year, we went to a café and just laid out the goals that we want to achieve for the coming year. Some people call the resolutions and I just sat there and focused on what I want to happen in 2013 and started to come up with ideas. The first step here is to identify your prioritize. To me there are four things: number one is God, my wife comes second, my family next, and after all that is my work. These are four areas where I want to continue to grow and after identifying these prioritize, under each I think of two or three things I want to see change and grow for that area. I find that being specific helps to get things done. Now this is important: make sure you write them down. Write out a schedule when and how you are going to make your goals come to reality. Another thing is you have to learn how to say no to things that are going to come into your plate but are not in line with your goals. Pretty much I say no to 99% of things that come my way because they are not consistent with my priorities and that has made a he difference in my life. Set your goals for 2013 today, write them down, be specific, minimize and focus and you will start to see better things come your way for sure. This task may be tedious, it may even hurt, but the difference will be huge!