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Growing a business takes time and the ability to surpass failure. Find out how you can defeat failure and reach much wanted success.   Are you stuck? Here’s a quick advice: don’t quit! I remember when I was just starting with affiliate marketing, I had a huge success with an offer in January 2009 centered on something that Oprah does in her show. Because it’s January, people are keen on weight loss and I was able to look ahead of everybody and build a campaign around that concept that Oprah was promoting on her show. What I did is bid on and create an ad which is congruent to the weight loss they are promoting on the show and it generated a tone of revenue for me. Actually, there is a strategy here. Remember that bidding on domain names is a powerful way to capture traffic and apart from that, make sure you are being congruent throughout the process. For example, if you have a weight loss ad, the keyword must be congruent, but more than that, the landing page they see after they click on the ad should be congruent with each other. Doing this earns you a much higher conversation rate and you don’t lose people as much. So this success of mine was in January and it’s good but the months that followed, I struggled hard. Around this time I learned patience and persistence. It will not be easy always and the trick is to not give up and keep going, keep tweaking what you’re doing, learn from success stories of others, and focus on little victories. Don’t get stuck on the challenges but be patient and persistent to move past them; in fact don’t even start affiliate marketing if you’re going to quit when you run into a few barriers and run into some resistance! For sure you will run into failure but you will only reach success if you don’t give up.