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Many marketers attack online marketing in different ways. However, the trick is finding out which is the right way that makes you more money online. Many strategies will only lead to frustration and potential debts. Most marketers simply put up an ad somewhere, it can be on AdSense, Facebook, or a banner ad, they then direct people who click on that ad to their main landing page that contains their main offer. There is nothing wrong with this approach and in fact in many markets, this makes people a lot of money. However, I found there is a better way… a step most miss when driving traffic to their offers. What is this secret strategy? It is harnessing the power of the pre-sell page. Instead of having a process that involves two steps, which is from the ad to the landing page with the offer, I create an extra step through the addition of a pre-sell page. From the ad, people who clicked will be sent to a pre-sell page which is basically a website that edifies the product or offer that they expect to see on the landing page. It acts like a warmer that can come in the form of a video, a story, or a testimonial that edifies the offer that they will see next on your main website. Through some tests, it has been proven that people who have seen the pre-sell page are more likely to convert and take the main offer on the next website because they have been pre-sold instead of having no idea about the offer by coming to it directly from the ad. I saw my conversions double when I implemented this ONE step into my offers. Go now and think about how you can harness the power of the pre-sell in your marketing.